Seller is asking for more $'s...

  1. I won a bag on eBay, the seller is in the UK, charged $20.00 for shipping to the US. I paid immediately, so seller shipped the bag next day. I get a message via eBay telling me she had to pay $37.00 for shipping with insurance and asking me how I would like to proceed...:rolleyes:
    I got a good price on the bag, but there were only 3 pictures, so I can't really know how good a deal I got until I 'get' it.

    So do I send the extra $17.00 for shipping or do I wait to see the bag?:confused1:

    Thanks ladies!
  2. You're not obliged to send her the extra postage. BUT if the bag is real and as described and you're happy with it, it's totally up to you whether you're going to pay her for it. Is she a new seller?
  3. 63 feedback, but mostly as a buyer.
    Should I tell the seller my intentions or just wait until I get the bag?
  4. I would just wait. No sense committing yourself until you see it. (even though you are not obliged to do anything -- I've lost money on international shipping lots of times. I never estimate it high enough. And I still get less than perfect score on the star thing for shipping costs.
  5. I just sold an item to a person in Hong Kong. I only charged her $20 shipping and it came out to $32. I certainly am not going to email her and ask her for an additional $12. In my opinion, it's my mistake for not charging enough, not the buyer's.
  6. hmmmm... I've undercharged for shipping and I've never thought to charge the buyer. USPS charges more for larger boxes, so I underestimated my most recent shipping charge by about $10. I was annoyed with myself, but it's my own fault. I try to be very accurate with shipping charges and people still don't give me the full 5/5 for shipping costs. Go figure...

    You shouldn't have to pay the extra $17. I'd just ignore the e-mail.
  7. You should tell the seller that it was her mistake, not yours.

    I'm a seller on eBay and there have been a few occasions where I've underestimated. I would NEVER ask the buyer for more money. In fact, I have been known that, if for some reason I'm not able to ship it out the next day (my standard), I will offer a free shipping upgrade!

    I think that you bid on the item with the terms posted (description, PayPal accepted, returns policy, etc). One of the things you look at when bidding IS the shipping price. That's what you bid on. Nothing more, nothing less. She should get that as a seller.
  8. i ship international a lot. if the postage is more than what i charged, i WILL NOT going to ask my buyer to pay the extra, unless i have told her ahead.
  9. I've underestimated my postage often as I don't have a scale as I only sell now and then, but I would never ask for more money. It's my mistake, not the buyers.
  10. ITA (and with suzeee too) - you've already fulfilled your responsibility by buying and immediately paying for the bag. Just watch out for neg FB for poor communication if you don't answer... perhaps draw it out (ie. respond to her tomorrow) and ask her exectly what she wants... what does "how would you like to proceed" mean? Does that entitle you to respond saying "I'm happy with the transaction the way it is, I've done my bit, so I don't want to proceed in any way?"
  11. As a buyer, I almost always get asked for higher shipping fees from the US; but, if I got a bargain, or even just a reasonable deal, I don't really mind and invariably end up paying the extra.

    I know I am within my rights to refuse and that it is the seller's responsibility to ask for the correct amount for shipping in the listing, but I feel like I'm ripping them off if I cling, vehemently, to my rights and make them pay the extra.

    In fact, every time I see an auction with very low shipping fees, I think two things:

    1. The seller will probably ship uninsured and/or in a plastic bag, or envelope. :wtf:


    2. If I want the item to arrive this century and in one piece, I will, almost certainly, end up having/feeling obliged to pay extra.
  12. I'm not sure I like the way this seller has e-mailed you after the fact and told you she had to pay more and is now asking how you want to proceed. At the end of the day it's the seller's mistake and you are not obliged to pay extra. However, once you see the bag you might find you're very happy with the deal you got, in which case it would be a nice gesture to offer more for shipping. Maybe for now e-mail her back and say "I'm sorry you had to pay more shipping, I included the shipping amount you requested on your auction and I'm sorry you miscalculated." If she leaves it at that, then maybe consider offering more shipping once you see the bag and find you're happy with it. A goodwill gesture is always appreciated. If she rants and raves then don't give her a penny more.

    I find I'm always more willing to pay extra shipping if I receive a package, notice the shipping was a lot higher, then I myself contact the seller and offer to pay more.
  13. The seller should have checked the correct amount for the postage to the US before she listed it. You don't have to pay it but I'd wait and see the bag and check that the amount she has told you is correct. Give her the benefit of the doubt.
  14. I miscalculate quite often as a seller but I never ever went back to a buyer and asked for more. If I was too lazy to calculate my shipping costs correctly it shouldn't be the buyers problem.
  15. however, i think i would choose not to complete the transaction if she asked me before sending the item out. if she send it out before asking me, then it already shipped, no matter she packed it well or not (KWIM)
    so, unprofessional:tdown: to ask for extra