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  1. Has anyone done business with ebay seller celebrity appeal??I recently purchased a speedy 30 for my mon and the seller was wonderful. she commmunicated daily with me, had great feedback and then when I finally hit the BIN option, she cashed my persoanl check and I cant get back in touch with her. She did write me earlier and said that ebay cut her off because she charged too much for shipping. Something didnt make sense! I have filed a dispute but I am sooo disappointed! I am done with ebay sellers!!
  2. Never done business with that seller. You just have to be really careful with Ebay!! I've had hundreds of transactions, and never had that problem. Sorry for your problems!
  3. Oh my Gosh! i am so sorry~Ugh.........
  4. I'm sorry I can't help you on this. I have never done biz with that particular seller. As a person who did a transaction with her, you are allowed to have her contact details. Does her eBay ID shows up as NARU? How about contacting her previous buyers to check whether they have any problems with her? I'm so sorry about this.
  5. :sad: Can you get your money back if you used a check? I've only ever used paypal on ebay...
  6. Well, i did check her info from ebay. The two numbers I have for her are not in service, very concerning. I do have the address but that really isnt much help. I think I am able to get about 200 dollars back from ebay protection. But I need to wait a certain amount of time etc. Thanks for everyones advice...
  7. Even though she shows up as NARU, can you file an "Item not received" claim? I've done that before, maybe that's the ebay protection you mean? I'm not sure, but the item not received thing seems to work well.
  8. file an item not recieved claim, then file with ebay that the sellers contact info is incorrect. If you have issues, contact ebay via Live Help. They should be able to tell you how to get your money back since a check is an authorized form of payment.
  9. oh thank you. I did file an "Item Not received" claim? How long does the process work? I have never had this happen to me before
  10. now you need to file a claim about the sellers incorrect contact info. Just go to the help page, and type in contact information. A link should pop up.
  11. I think I just got scammed by a seller called, celebrity Appeal. Has anyone done any tranasction with her? She was great in the beginning, since she has cashed my check I have not heard from her and her phone number is no longer accepting calls!!!!
    any know what to do
  12. P.S. i already filed a claim with ebay but I need to wait 10 days to esclate the dispute!!
  13. It looks like she is now suspended from ebay:sad:
  14. yes, she is! What do recommend I do?

  15. Hi, you kind of posted this twice - same topic/Seller anyhow, I'll merge the 2 threads as we don't allow duplicates.