seller hesitate on authicity question and be defensive

  1. I purchase a LV off of eBay just a few days ago. The seller stated that it has been shipped yesterday. I asked if there will be dust bag, the seller said no. I then ask that will she accept return if the bag is not authentic since I will have it authenticate once it arrive. she started saying that she does not trust me and she has the tag to prove that it is authentic and I will not able to scam her. should i be worried about this?
  2. Not really, she is probably just worried because you asked the questions after you won the bag, it may look to her like you are looking to send it back.

    There are just as many scamming buyers as there are sellers so I can understand each side being nervous.

    In the future, if you pay with paypal it doesn't matter wether or not the seller "accepts" returns. If the item is found to be a fake, then you can file a snad with paypal and they will decide in your favor, and if not you can always try a chargeback on your credit card.
  3. I would have asked before I bought it.
  4. Yes I agree. Ask before next time. Sometimes people buy an authentic and send back a fake for a refund and maybe this seller had this experience and is worried now. In any case if it were a fke My Poupette could help authenticate and you would be able to make a claim from paypal. Try not to worry...
  5. i did ask before and she stated real, but get offensive when I asked again
  6. I think you should have asked if it was authentic AND if she accepted returns if it wasn't authentic before bidding. To me, it sounds like you're suggesting you will return it- and she might be wary because that's something a lot of scammers do. If you do receive it and it's not authentic, you could always file a claim through PayPal and she will have to accept your return if they conclude the item is a fake.
  7. ok. i fee much better now. I just wish it goes ok. I don't want to return since i cost money for nothing.
  8. I hope that's not the case either. I recently won a FAKE Gucci. I asked before buying...after it arrived seller then stated it had been a 'gift'. Wouldn't you still know if someone 'gave' you a fake before listing it as authentic. I dispute and was refunded.
  9. I hope so...think POSITIVE :yahoo:
  10. I hope everything turns out ok. I undertand the seller but I also understand you as a buyer. No one wants to be scammed. I hope it is authentic. If not, file a SNAD claim with Paypal.
  11. I have been reading the purse forum for a while now and have come across so many people that decide to wait until after they have won to start asking authenticity questions. Read any of the Authenticate this now forums and you will see that I am correct. It is an obnoxious thing to do. Investigate before you bid. If you really, really believe it to be fake, do not bid, report it to eBay, whatever. But why waste the time and money of someone who may believe it to be real or may even be real. Are you a shopper or a vigilante???

    I buy and sell on eBay and you would not believe the rude tone of people in their questions. I don't blame your seller for getting defensive with you. She has probably been through the wringer with abuse.

    This post was not directed at you allaboutpurses, you seem as if you have behaved correctly. This post is directed to the ones that behave as if they are at the organic fruit stand accepting free samples.