Seller hasn't replied back in 3 weeks!!!


May 18, 2006

I've emailed her 3 times already!! I wanted her to include tracking and insurance with the s&h price, but she hasn't replied back about it. Btw, I also haven't paid her yet because of this. I got ebay to send me her contact information, but I don't want to spend my money calling her long-distance to see why she hasn't replied. I know it's cheap of me..

What step can I take to ensure she won't leave me a negative feedback in the future? I doubt it if this will just go away..
What's the item? She probably hasn't replied because she doesn't think you're going to pay for the item. Personally if I haven't received payment in 3 weeks I've already filed a non-paying bidder alert with eBay.

Don't worry too much about tracking and insurance. Pay for the item with your credit card (if you still want to complete the transaction) and if anything happens you can file a chargeback.

You may be able to email eBay and file a non-performing seller complaint. But I'm not sure if you can do this or not since you haven't paid. Maybe someone else will jump in and comment.
The item is a gucci wallet. I messaged her right after the auction ended to see how much the shipping would be and she did answer right then. After that, she basically just vanished. I emailed her twice within the 3 days I won the auction, and emailed her again the following week.

I've been trying to see what Ebay complaints I can file, but my options are limited since I haven't paid. I'm not sure if I should just assume she sold the item to someone else, and is simply not telling me...
If I were you and a seller didn't reply to me about a simple request to add tracking and insurance to the total, I wouldn't feel like paying her either.

Some sellers appear to be labouring under the misapprehension that the buyer is responsible for ensuring that their package reaches them and I would be worried that she intended to not send the wallet and then claim that it was my fault that I had not received it, as I didn't pay for insurance.

Of course, she would be completely in the wrong to do this, but I've seen sellers accusing buyers of this, in feedback comments, too many times.

The truth is that it is the seller who should insist on insurance as, otherwise, they are legally responsible for non-delivery.

You could pay her and then, if the wallet doesn't arrive and she tries to blame you, leave her a negative and take the matter up with eBay and Paypal (if applicable), but that would, obviously, be a lot of hassle and this would not be my preferred course of action.

If I were you, assuming she seems like a reliable seller (to find out, read all her feedback comments and if 2 or more of her negative and/or neutral and/or removed/withdrawn feedback comments say the same negative thing about her - she is not reliable) I'd try contacting her once more and inform her that you are still ready to pay for the wallet you won, assuming she will add the insurance and tracking cost on, as was offered in her auction and you have already requested on three separate occasions.

BTW, before you do anything, please can you let us know the name of the seller and can you post a link to the auction?
this happened to me too!! mine was that they never wrote back to ANYTHING... until i filed a non-performace which literally 20 min i got a reply saying i was a scam artist (?!?!) yeah gave them negative they gave me one... and now it's mutual withdraw...

Seller still asked if i was intrested, but that time i have already purchased the same bag on ebay already!
I'm been trying to look for this non-performing seller complaint link on Ebay, but I can't seem to find it.. Gucci Wallet Purse long beige canvas with receipt (item 110057157837 end time 22-Nov-06 21:10:59 EST)

That's the link to the auction I won. She's quite new to Ebay, so I was giving her the benefit of the doubt. However, after 4+ emails... Now, I'm just starting to get annoyed!!

I really don't want to just pay her without getting the shipping information dealt with since she could potentially screw me over, with Ebay & Paypal taking her side.