Seller has "paypal issues": Now waiting for refund HELP!!!

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  1. Hello everyone,

    on the 2/10 I purchased a Vintage Chanel for $1000 AU + $20 postage and payed with paypal straight away. The seller then said she will post the item as soon as she recieves the money from paypal. But then she said two days later that she's having problems with her paypal account and sent me this message:

    "hey darl im sorry but there is an issue with my paypal account and I cant send money into my bank account so paypal is sending me the money back where upon I will refund you and you will have to pay via bank deposit if you still want the bag. sorry but i have been having trouble reciving and sending payments with them for a while. sorry for the inconvieniance."

    I'm a bit confused on what the problem is with the sellers paypal, but I then said that I would rather pay via paypal than bank transfer and would like a refund. She has refunded a partial amount of $200 AU with paypal and she replied with this:

    "yep will refund u as soon as paypal reverses the payments sorry for inconvienance but I cant do anything about it untill paypal sends it back to my account. Sorry darl best of luck finding one. I will send you a louos vuitton keychain for your trouble x"

    I then asked: How long will it take to reverse the payments and was replied with:

    "it says 3-5 working days so it shouldnt be too long. Sorry for the inconvience thres not much I can do if I had the money I would put it in your bank account for you already but I dont work anymore so please be patient. What is your postage details so I can post the keychain. x"

    And now.. I'm REALLY worried - She's sending me an lv keychain ? Before I purchased the Chanel, she assured me it the Chanel is 100% authentic and she had purchased it in the Sydney store about 10yrs ago.. I took the risk with her being a 0 feedback seller, as she also had an lv bag for sale!

    So what should I do?? Should I wait the 3-5 days for the 'reverse payment' OR directly lodge a 'dispute claim' with my bank (I was told the investigation may take 30-90days however). Because she's a 0 feedback seller, I'm also worried that she will close her account AND paypal account and therefore am not sure if this will affect my ability to make a dispute claim or claim on paypal to get the rest of my money back!
  2. Sounds fishy. Why would she just send you a free LV keychain for free? She can sell it and easily make $$$ for it. I'm sorry, but definitely file a dispute right away. I have never heard of having problems with paypal. I think she wants you to pay via checking so that you don't file a chargeback in case the bag ends up being fake.
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    Without any background info on this seller, I can't help but be suspicious.
    For future minimize their risk and protect themselves, buyers should avoid purchasing high-end items like Chanel bags from zero-feedback sellers they know nothing about.

    Did you buy this on eBay? PayPal protection varies for on and off-eBay transactions. In any case, you can open an INR dispute seven days after you paid for the item. (Why would you dispute the payment with your bank? Didn't you pay with PP?)

    If you decide to give this seller another chance, do not do a wire transfer. Do not pay with anything but PP and a credit card.

    ETA: I don't know what this seller is doing, but it seems scammish to me because sellers are supposed to ship the items after the buyers pay, not when they can withdraw funds from their PP accounts. What goes on between her and PP has nothing to do with you.
  4. Weird. There is a button to press for "refund" on the details of transaction page. All she has to do is press that button.

    ETA: What kind of Chanel did you buy? $1,000 AU sounds quite low unless it's a smallish bag.

  5. I purchased the item with paypal but with my visa card - I've read other forums that making a claim with paypal can take a long time and I phoned my bank and they said I'm able to make a dispute claim since I had paid for an item and not recieved it.

    I know I def. won't be giving the seller a second chance (since I'm a bit suspicious of the seller myself). So I just want my money refunded back.

    Does anyone know what the procedures would be if I make an 'INR dispute' ? But since the seller has said she will refund the money back to me after a few days, will a dispute do anything at this point in time? Or is better to just wait until the end of the week before making a dispute if I still have not recieved the money?

  6. It was a vintage chanel jumbo - It was quite 'cheap' I guess but it was orginally $1500 buy it now and my sister (who placed the offer for me) asked if she would accept $1000 offer if I paid it asap via paypal - which she agreed to. It said on the listing that she was selling due to financial troubles and already own a similar bag which she uses daily. I also had it 'authenticated' in the Chanel thread (if the photos taken were of the true bag itself).

    Can you still press the "refund" button if she has given a partial refund of $200? Because I can't seem to find the button..
  7. You really should deal with PP first. PP cases don't take that long to be resolved, especially when dealing with an item that has not been received. Sometimes it takes a few days; sometimes just hours; other times it can take a week or so. You still haven't told us if you bought the bag on or off eBay, and that makes a difference.

    A chargeback with your CC company should be your last resort. If PP fails you, then dispute the cc charge. But if you go ahead and do that now, you won't have the option of a PP claim if something goes wrong with your bank. PP will close a claim or not open a dispute once a chargeback has been filed.
  8. I do believe she can still use the refund option through Paypal despite the partial refund.

    I also think she may have been excited to sell for $1,000 because it is not real. I recently bought an authentic XL Jumbo for close to $2,800. Do you have a link to the auction?
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    Sorry, I forgot to mention this again in the other post. I did purchase it from ebay.

    Here is the link:

    Thanks for your advice! If PP fails, I will def. contact my bank for a dispute claim. I've just lodged a claim with paypal and hopfully can get my refund back.. Hope it takes a few days- but it says on ebay it may take up to 30 days (also have to wait up to 10days for sellers reply)

  10. I've attached the link in the post above. I have just called up paypal and they suggested I also make a dispute claim straight away. I have just lodged it now and will need to wait for the sellers response. Hopefully I can get my money back!

    I have a feeling the seller may have stolen the photos of an authentic chanel into her ebay post. But at the time, I just thought she might've wanted a quick sale for the money and didn't think about it being a fake.. I'll have to wait and see what happens now I guess!!
  11. Hmmm, it's hard to tell because there are no photos of the hologram sticker. However, that's the bag I have, the XL Jumbo Vintage, and as I mentioned it was way more than $1,000 AU. Seems like either stolen photos or a fake. File the dispute NOW!
  12. You should be fine.
  13. yes it looks more like it was a copied photo- as I've looked at it many times and compared it to many many authentic vintage chanels and nothing really 'stood out.' I guess the price really was too good to be true!

    When I called paypal, they did say that the seller would be unable to close their account once there is a dispute open which is great to hear as well! I was worried about not being able to find the seller in a few days time..
  14. Since you bought it on eBay, the seller disappearing makes no difference kuz it's PP refunding you, not the seller. PP then deals with the seller on its own.