Seller has not "Received" Item I returned.

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  1. Purchased a handbag on ebay on 3-22-14 and it was delivered on 3-27-14. The seller had a 14 day return policy so I initiated a return on 3-31-14 through ebay's system. I was told that the seller provided the return label and had to wait two days for it to be emailed to me (through ebay). I received the label on 4-3-14 and mailed it out. The label indicated the package was insured and with signature confirmation. Tracking showed that the item was out for delivery on 4-7-14. I received an email this morning from ebay 4-9-14 that the seller called them to let them know that they are still waiting for the package and that they are working with USPS to "track" it. Not sure what this means. When I look up the status myself it clearly states: April 7, 2014 , 3:23 pm
    Notice Left (No Authorized Recipient Available)

    My questions:
    1. does this affect my refund if tracking shows it is at the post office waiting for pick up now for 2 days?
    2. Is this a way for the seller to delay a refund? ....Wouldn't ebay clearly see that the package is at the post office and there is no need for it to be tracked? This is the part that I do not understand at all. I thought they had access to tracking info. ....or does ebay not check tracking unless I call and ask them to.
  2. Respond to the ebay AND call ebay to tell them what the tracking says and that the seller isn't responding to the USPS notification.
  3. I'd contact your seller & let them know the package is at the post office waiting for a pick up

    & contact ebay as well..

    Seller provided return label so she knows package is on its way back..

    Its also possible seller missed notification by USPS..
  4. I have contacted ebay via email and also informed the seller letting them both know the package is at the post office and am waiting for a reply. I have not called ebay but will do so this afternoon if the seller does not reply.

    My question -
    If it is true as the seller told ebay that she's trying to track the package (her words) which I am taking to mean that the post office cannot find it - am I protected if it's lost?
  5. I am actually on the phone with ebay right now and they are no help. The agent is clueless.

    They actually disconnected me - got nowhere.
  6. Called ebay a second time - They want to know where I got the return shipping label from????

    Ebay emailed me the label as the seller provided return shipping. . Shouldn't they know that?
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    Last edited: Apr 9, 2014
    OK - I have now been told by ebay that I have to wait 23 days to escalate the return (if she fails to go to the post office and pick up this package).

    IS this the case - 23 days??
  8. Another Question: When you click on tracking through ebay it only states updates to 4-7-14 where the package is out for delivery. When I go to the USPS site it gives a detailed account of tracking as of today (4-9-14) stating it is at the post office.

    Why would ebay be this far behind with tracking and be different than the USPS site?
  9. eBay's tracking is always behind, though I'm not sure why. I do not know why you were told that you would need to wait 23 days to escalate - that's inaccurate.

    If you don't hear back from the seller by tomorrow, call eBay again (and ask to speak with a supervisor if it's clear that the first person you get is unhelpful); explain that you've returned an item according to the seller's 14-day return policy and that the seller is refusing to pick it up from the post office. Direct them to the tracking on and tell them that you'd like your return processed as you've followed all of their policies.
  10. Thank you for this info. When the agent told me 23 days I asked her to repeat it twice and then repeated it back to her again. I kept asking her if this was accurate and that I have never heard of this before. I find it frustrating to speak with them as both times the agents kept stumbling over their words and seemed unsure of what they were saying....or reading.
  11. My experience of a return was on the UK site so don't know if it is different on the US site.

    I had a SNAD and seller refused return. Ebay decided the SNAD case in my favour and sent me a pre-paid shipping label. I duly posted the parcel and updated the tracking info to ebay as requested. The Resolution Centre stated that the refund would be processed when the item was delivered to the seller.

    On the day a delivery attempt was made on the parcel, Ebay refunded me. I did not request this at all.

    It is now over 2 weeks later and the parcel is still waiting for the seller to collect it (per tracking).
  12. I agree with the other ladies.

    "Notice Left" usually means that no one was available at the residence/business to sign for it, so it's taken back to the local Post Office. If no redelivery attempt is made or no one picks it up, it'll be re-routed back to you in two weeks, I believe.

    For some reason, eBay is unbelievably slow with updating their tracking information. Should you not receive your refund by tomorrow morning, call eBay again and ask for a supervisor. Should the Customer Service Rep suggest that they can help you, tell them you've been in contact with eBay about an ongoing issue and would appreciate speaking to a supervisor.

    I've never heard of having to wait 23 days for a refund.
  13. I had the same wording show up on tracking for a package I was waiting for, but it wasn't true. I never got a notice. The next day the tracking showed that it went back to the distribution center. Three days later, I got a postage due notice for the package. So I wouldn't automatically assume the seller is at fault.
  14. I ended up speaking with her last night. The package was at the post office just as the tracking showed. She admitted that she did not check tracking at and only looked at tracking on ebay and assumed the notice that was left was "wrong."

    I've shipped a large amount of items and I have had tracking mishaps but I do try every way I can to look up info and know not to depend on what I "see" on ebay's tracking. In fact the first thing I would do if I was expecting a return package and it was running late would be to check (not ebay). Ebay really needs to update their tracking system.