Seller has no Paypal, would you still buy a purse?


Seller has no Paypal, would you still buy the purse?

  1. No, I cannot be bothered with any other kind of method

  2. No, unless it was the only one on sale on Ebay

  3. Yes, if the price is right and Loved the purse

  4. YES

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  1. So girls.................?
  2. It's not worth the risk!
  3. As a buyer NO I only buy from sellers that accept paypal. The only way I would change my mind is if they had alot of good feedback & I mean in the thousands & no bad feedback for items not received.

    Now as a seller I have been really considering removing paypal from my auctions. Paypal has became a haven for crooks & scammers waiting to rip sellers off. So I can relate with sellers that finally have the nerve to say NO MORE PAYPAL!!! Maybe if more of us did it paypal would be forced to make some changes.

    I can't wait to see what other buyers think. Good post:smile:
  4. Thanks:flowers:
  5. Absolutely yes, if the seller has good feedback for previous sales without Paypal I would buy. I do not use Paypal anymore and never will ever again due to the hassle - I sent my sister a large sum of money through Paypal and they froze both our accounts, took the money and left her account in negative and now say she owes them money.
  6. I am not using paypal anymore - the seller gets no protection
  7. say no to paypal!!...

    i know ppl think paypla is the only way and it's safe... well, not all cases. Not till they scam you out of money too
  8. I have been tempted many times to not offer PP in my auctions ..... have been burned as I buyer, yes as I buyer, fought it for months and then just gave up, out $500.
    I think we should all say NO to PP
  9. For buyers i think Paypal is the only safe option, high feedback doesn't really mean much on ebay these days. Paypal can freeze moneys already paid in till disputes are reconciled.

    No paypal, No purchase especially with under 10 feedback!

    For sellers Paypal seems a bit of a rip off and you truly aren't protected in any way. Bu what are the options if you don't want to divulge your bank details and would rather not wait for a cheque to clear or bounce????

    ******Keeping it real******
  10. Well, as a seller I've been scammed recently by a buyer so I would not be offering Paypal to my buyers! I have over 200 fb all being 100% positive. I just think ebay is too scary a place right now. I would only buy from someone who is from TPF or someone who comes highly recommended by others. Paypal sucks!
  11. Actually Paypal does stink for the honest sellers especially when they come up against people who want something for nothing and the professional scammers out there.
    However, if I buy something I do like to pay using my credit card that way if something does go wrong I have some kind of recourse.
  12. My choice wasn't there either. . . NO, because I want the protection Paypal provides {insurance w/ credit card, etc. . . }.
  13. I have just purchased one with a personal check. I have done before with MO but not with bags.
  14. Paypal has protected me as a buyer and a seller and I will not do business any other way on ebay!
  15. As a buyer, my choice isn't there either. Depends on the listing...I need to know the seller pretty well if it's a high end item (good feedback is fine for cheaper things) or beable to do a pick up. I like to use a credit card for sellers with less feedback and items that may have authenticity problems. Once I paid 2000 plus for a bag with a chanel GC, and although I trusted her, I didn't know her well and was still a bit stressed until I had the bag. So it's on a case by case basis. Sometimes it comes down to intuition. Luckily, I've never had problems either way but in general, I won't just send out a MO or check since they can also just cash it at any old check cashing center and run unless the bank has some kind of insurance for that. Once a friend of mine was asked to used bidpay a while back and she was charged like 5.00 for one transaction (and the item was like 12.99). Do they have a free service?