Seller got the fake bag + my money

  1. When I logged into PP and checked policy updates it is the same as the link in post 12 so I give up. AFAIK SC is still required for $250+. :shrugs:
  2. I agree.
  3. Sometimes the terms of Paypal agreements differ and changes are rolled out over a period of time from country to country.

    Maybe that explains the difference.
  4. It just goes to show how morally f-ing bankrupt much of our society is, for a person/seller to think that they can KEEP (STEAL) refund money if the buyer inadvertently does not get siggy confirm... Like, oh, oops, sorry, the $2000 is declared MINE along with my shady scamming phony crap! Seriously? Our world has come to this? Absolutely revolting... (insert 99 vomit icons here)
  5. I agree with you 100%. I feel sick to my stomach when I read about these scammers. I was recently scammed by someone in the UK. The "thief" ended up paying me back in the end though but only after I had gotten legal advice and sent them a "letter before action". Revolting.

    OP, call eBay/paypal and ask for a supervisor. The other staff seem to have been picked up from the street so you´re better off talking to someone who is more "educated" (lol).

  6. OP keep calling til you get a supervisor who will listen..

    ANd certainly would pursue any and all options including getting
    legal advice.. this is just terrible...