Seller From Dubai

  1. On July 27th, I purchased an item via eBay from a seller in Dubai. She seems very nice and is just selling her own personal items.

    On her auction, it stated that it could take up to 19 days or so for someone in the USA to receive the item.

    I still haven't received the item. She sent the item with a tracking number from "empost"---I am guessing that is Emirates Post? Whatever it is, I see ZERO information about my package. It doesn't even say that it was dropped off from Dubai, but this could very well be a computer problem with empost's tracking system.

    Yesterday the seller sent me an email asking me if I had received my item. I told her NO----and asked her if I should be worried? I haven't heard back from her yet.

    I went to her eBay site and saw that she did 2 transactions in late July---July 29th and July 30th, I believe. Both of these are AFTER my purchase on July 27th. Both of the buyers have left her positive feedback, so obviously they got their items.

    I'm starting to worry.

    The seller has 100% positive feeback for the previous year, but in the year prior to that she had two incidences of people NOT receiving their items and got negative feedback for that.

    I want to believe that she's doing her best and that perhaps "empost" is unreliable.

    I asked her if she sent it with signature confirmtation, but as I said, I have yet to hear back from her (it's been less than 24 hours since I sent my email, though). I hope to hear SOMETHING from her tonight, given the time difference.

    What should I ask her and how should I proceed with this?

    I've never NOT received a package, but I've never ordered anything from Dubai before. I'm in the USA, just to be clear.

    Thanks to anyone who can help me with this!
  2. Did you try entering the tracking number on I have ordered items from the middle east and, once the item has been handed off, the tracking number appears on my local postal system.
  3. I agree with ^^, I would try that first. It is sometimes scary to order overseas as I have read instances of packages never getting to their destination; however I have never had that problem. You have 45 days with paypal to open a case, so I would give it some time and hopefully it will arrive soon.
  4. Thanks, Northerndancer.

    I was able to find the package on the USPS site. It is listed as accepted in Dubai on July 29th. After that, all it says is "origin post is preparing shipment", so it looks like the package is STILL in Dubai!

    I think it's something called "Express Mail International". I have no idea what is taking them SO LONG. But it looks like the seller reallly DID send out my package, so that's a good sign.

    I guess I just need to wait awhile?

    Thanks for your help!
  5. It could say that if the item is stuck in customs and not handed over to USPS yet!

    I ship to and from Canada quite a bit and that's what I know from my experience!
  6. Just give it until at least the end of this week to be updated. I bought an item from a seller in Dubai a year ago and the information didn't update until about 2 or 3 days before I got the package! It took me a few days shy of one month to receive my item.
  7. Empost in my country is just like USPS in yours. Its a bit slow actually. She could have used Aramex they are much much better and it will cost the same
  8. I would let your seller know this info...maybe she can recall the package

    and ship Aramex..

    Keep us posted
  9. Often when I send items to the USA by EMS, they are marked "origin post is preparing shipment" on the USA site, even when they have been marked out of Japan on Japan Post. I believe your next marking should be a USA "incoming office of exchange" marking. Depending on which your incoming office of exchange is, some of them process items within hours and others within days.
  10. Thanks for your replies and info. I STILL haven't received the bag. I sent the seller an email several days ago telling her I STILL hadn't received my bag. I asked her when she sent out the bag and if she sent it with signature confirmation. I also asked her the appoximate date I should expect to receive it.

    Unfortuately, I haven't heard a thing from her since! NO reply. She could have just sent a short email saying something like, "Sorry your bag hasn't arrived yet. Empost can sometimes be pretty slow", but she did NOT. That doesn't seem right.

    How long do I have to file a Paypal dispute? Only 30 days from when the item was bought, or from when it was sent out? (I bought it on July 27th and it appears she sent it out on July 29th.) Or do I have 45 days?

    I'm getting really worried and don't know what to do. It should not be taking this LONG. And why couldn't the seller have emailed me back? That's just good and polite business practice.

    If I end up getting scammed, I have no idea how to deal with it. I've NEVER NOT recieved a package before.

    Just wanted to give an update.

  11. What you do is open a claim with eBay as item not received.
    This will open a work it out phase. If the buyer does not respond by the time they allow, you escalate it and you will receive a refund from eBay.
  12. Or you can open up an INR from paypal.... there are some that suggest on the forum

    that Paypal is better for INR and EBAY for a SNAD..but OP the choice is yours

    But your time frame is 45 days so you may want to gets things started & since

    the communication from your seller isn't great, I would start the claim
  13. You have 45 days from the date of payment so you still have lots of time. It has been three weeks which is not a lot in the world of international buying. It would be nice if the seller responded to you (and hopefully she will). There is little if any risk to giving it a bit more time before you file an INR. I would wait a bit longer.
  14. I, too, would wait a bit longer.

    It's basically coming First Class which can be very slow. It could also be held up in customs.
  15. I agree three weeks is not a very long time for a package coming from Dubai. I wish the seller would respond, but at least you have tracking information that shows there is a package. I would also give it more time.