Seller feed back is set to private??

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  1. Hello , I bought a prada on ebay couple days ago. I paid for the bag using my wrong CC, Because of this I had to contact the seller and ask them to refund my money so I could pay with the correct CC. The seller was very co-operative and refunded my money as soon as they got the second payment from me. When I tried to leave the seller feedback after receiving the bag, at the spot where you see the feedback number and rating, it said Private, also when I see the feedback the seller left me the place where you usually see view item in recent feedbacks it says Private. Is this normal? The bag is authentic, I have no trouble with that.
  2. Some people keep their feedback private for a number of reasons, some valid and some suspicious. I believe there's some info in the Help pages on fBay about it.
  3. Thanks I looked it up. I guess its not an issue of the bag is authentic,
  4. Nevertheless, I would ask the seller--politely--why the feedback is private and see how she/he reacts and says.
  5. Private listings are allowed - I just don't know WHY sellers do it. This is from ebay's help page:

    While there are some cases where private listings are appropriate, such as the sale of high-priced ticket items or approved pharmaceutical products, you should only make your listing private for a specific reason.

    As far as Private feedback - you cannot sell on ebay if your feedback is private.
  6. I didn't think Sellers could set thier feedback to private. Only buyers. I swear that I read that in ebay's policies somewhere awhile back but, who knows, ebay's policies change so much. It makes sense though. If you want to sell then, your fb should be there for your buyers to see. I'll see if I can't find the page about it.
  7. If I see that a seller has private FB I will NOT buy from them!

    However, I sometimes have listed one item as private - when I sell preparation H -- some people don't want that showing up on their FB ;) The comment still shows up - you just can't see what they bought.