Seller doesn't want to give me her mailing address

  1. I recently made a high-end bag purchase. Due to my previous painful experiences (fake bag with no return address), I would like to have seller's complete mailing (not P.O. Box) before processing my PayPal payment. But the seller wouldn't give that to me but just pushed me for the payment.

    This seller doesn't have a lot of feedbacks, but all her feedbacks are good from selling high-end bags. I don't understand what this seller's concern. Should I give in and make the payment? If she has nothing to hide, why she wouldn't give me her complete contact info?
  2. Write to eBay live and ask their advice.
  3. even if you get an address, how do you know its the correct address? try asking for her phone number?
  4. It's true... We are in the same city. Maybe she has concerns I will knock on her door??? :confused1: I could ask eBay to reveal both of our contact info. But I don't think it is the right way to do it for now. In my previous experiences, when I asked for the mailing address, all sellers would give them to me except her. If she doesn't want to give me her mailing address, I believe she will hate to get my call.
  5. I'm just kind of curious as to what having her street address will do for you. I'm not so sure that I would want to give someone my address, especially if they lived in the area. I'm definitely not saying this is the case, but some people are nuts and you don't know what they will do. I'm sorry, I don't need people randomly showing up where I live. IMO, it's really none of anyone's business. Besides, if the seller is using a P.O. box, that IS their mailing address.
  6. Just got off from Live Chat. They suggested me do reveal both parties' info. I guess the seller will be really mad at me now.:sad:

    Am I asking too much? Shouldn't buyers have sellers' contact info just like sellers have buyers' info?
  7. I can understand seller's concern. Maybe I worried too much. When a package shipped, isn't there a return address anyway? I had a painful experience. The seller only had PO Box and rejected my return package. It took me over 6 months to get the problem resolved. I just don't want that happened again.
  8. I can understand your concern if you had a problem in the past. I use a P.O. box for my return address and anytime I have something sent back that is too big to fit in it, USPS puts the package in a locker and a key in my P.O. box. Sounds like that wasn't the case with the seller you sent your return to.
  9. I wouldn't want to give my address pre-shipping. There are plenty of bizarre people out there, and with you being in the same town... no way.

    The seller may think you're going to try to show up, buy in person rather than through ebay, etc.
  10. Thank you for giving the side or seller's view. I think I am going to process my payment without her contact info then.
  11. I don't like giving out my mailing address- I prefer a PO Box for safety reasons. There are a lot of crazy people on the internet, and the less they know about you personally, the better. You should be okay as long as you pay through paypal. I think after you pay her address will show up anyways.
  12. there is a place on ebay where you can request a sellers contact info. Check the help section.

  13. well just tell her that you are planning to use MONEY ORDER.. and need the address
  14. A POB is truly the way to go when selling on the net.

  15. I dont think its necessary at all for the Seller to do so. It doesnt matter. Plus, she could just give you a bogus one if she wanted.

    Or she could sell from her business, and I wouldnt give that out to some stranger LOL

    When you get your invoice, it will be on there anyways, at least it always is for me.