Seller disappeared!

  1. I just bought two items on eBay, both from a seller with 0 feedback. Although I know the bags are real, one of her auctions is against eBay rules. She has one auction with two bags, giving the buyer a choice of which bag. I emailed her asking if I could buy both and she said sure, but it would be double the price. So when I won the auction she hasn't replied to any of my messages! It's been over a week. What should I do?
  2. Have you already paid?
  3. No not yet, she hasn't sent me an invoice. Also, I noticed she relisted some of the items that didn't sell. I don't know what to do now!
  4. If you have tried contacting her numerous times and you are sure you have the correct contact info then I would just forget it. Maybe send her one last e-mail saying that you have tried to contact her via e-mail on these dates XXXX, but she has not responded so you assume she does not want to complete the transaction. Keep this e-mail in your folders in case she negs you. But maybe she did not get the price she wanted or she is such a newbie she does not know what she is doing.
  5. have you tried contacting eBay?
  6. 0 feedback is not a good sign.
  7. Yeah, I am wary of that. But I intend to pay with paypal so if anything goes wrong, I am at least covered by their policy somewhat. I just REALLY want the bag. :sweatdrop:

    How do I contact ebay? I don't know which department to email about these sort of things.
  8. I would wait it not pay as a precaution.....another bag will always come patient......
    I would keep an eye on her listings though....she may be out for $$$$$$