Seller Disagreeing After Promising Refund!! Help!!

  1. I Posted A Post A Few Weeks Ago.....
    Hi Girlies!!

    "I Bought a pair of :heart:chanel :heart:pearl earrings last week from america!
    supposedly bnib and authentic I paid $250 for them
    I received them yesterday to find the ear parts dirty and a pearl had fell off
    I emailed the seller who is a Big seller who sells many high item products with 99.9% feedback
    He said they were posted in perfect condition and they were a ex-display model...Funny how he never mentioned that in his listing!!
    He said to sent back for a refund minus shipping which was $35!
    I then said thats not fair as its your fault...he then agreed for full Price paid...
    Do i sent back now? or do i get paypal involved as im a bit scared he might not refund?
    All my transactions run smoothly I never had to do this before so im really unsure what to do?
    Please help me out guys!!!"

    So In The End I Emailed Seller Just To let him know I was filing with paypal to cover myself..!! After 2 Days I Filed a Dispute...Which he didnt reply to so once again i emailed him to say Just Say What you have said in your email(Full REfund) Then I Can Ship them back to you...So This morning im sitting Reading emails and Get one from paypal Saying "seller Has provided information Disagreeing with Your Claim"
    WTF!?!??:cursing: I Got Emails Showing a promised Refund
    I Didn't Even write much on my case Just Seller Has Promised Refund Im Just Doing this case For Security Reasons:crybaby:
    Please Help What Am I gonna do now!!
    The Earrings Were Broken and Used Before I Even Touched them :crybaby::crybaby:
  2. Richbaby...I would guess he did what he did after you filed to "cover" yourself with Paypal. You gave him a black mark with Paypal and I think you probably should've let him refund you as he said he would. If he then didn't refund you,then you should've filed with Paypal. I think you jumped the gun on this one and now you have a very mad seller who will be harder to deal with. :sad: Sorry, I don't know what I'd do at this point. Once Paypal is involved it has to run it's course.
  3. Keep your emails from him as proof that he said he would give you a full refund. I agree, let paypal do its thing and you should be fine.
  4. I agree, the seller is probably just mad about the dispute. I am not sure what to tell you to do at this point, wait it out I guess :confused1:
  5. I've had a similar thing. You have to just let Paypal run its course. Also, if he now says that if you cancel the Paypal dispute he will refund you - don't do it because once you cancel a dispute it cannot be re-opened so if you close it and he doesn't refund you, you've had it.
  6. I think you just have to wait it out now with Paypal, but usually I only file a claim with Paypal as a last option and I try very hard to work everything out with the Sellers.
  7. Emails do no good at all. Speaking from experience here. I could rant and rave like others have at PayPal. I bought an LV bag that was a fake. Sent off pics to Carol Ives and she verified that it was. So, I contact the seller, who finally says he will refund. I then mail it off to the seller in the UK and he then will not get it at his postal office. He says that he has to pay some customs on it. WTF! It's his dumb fake bag, so why is he saying that I have to pay for the customs? I refuse and then go thru PayPal. This all happened way back in February. Long story made a little shorter...they will not refund my money. They will NOT look at all the emails from him where he threatened me (yes, he did) and he said he would not go get the bag from the postal office. So, I am out $390, if you add in the return shipping back to the UK. I no longer will pay with my PayPal funds. I withdraw them as soon as they are in there, after I pay the eBay fees. Neither PayPal nor eBay will stand behind the buyer when it is a counterfeit bag. Very upsetting. This has happened to me more than once. I have a few more bags to sell on eBay but mostly I have quit buying there. And I NEVER use my PayPal funds to pay for anything, nor my bank account. No more.:cursing::cursing:

  8. Damier, well said! I completely agree:smile: Richbaby, Good luck and just let paypal do it's work now.
  9. I think you should also take photos of the earring he has sent you. In case if anything happens.. I've filed a couple of complaints thru paypal.. hasn't had a problem to get money back. I think as long as you have proof, they can't deny you.
  10. Ok Then I Just Hope They Side With Me Because Its Really Unfair I Didnt Even Put Them In My Ear And I Have Them Emails To Proove He Said He Would Refund!! :sad:
    would it be possible they are fake??!? Because I have Never Known Chanel Earrings to Break