Seller didn't include entire auction...


Jun 20, 2006
So, my mother asked if she could use my ebay account to buy some dishes. She ended up winning two auctions from the same seller for a whole bunch of different pieces. My mom got her order except the seller forgot to include two small pieces that were also listed in one of the auctions. My mother received the package two days before I was oing to Europe, so I emailed the seller telling her that she'd forgotten part of out order and to please email my mother while I was gone. Well, she never emailed either of us! I just got back and sent a harsh email saying to contact me in 48 hours or I'd report her to ebay and paypal. She ended up emailing me back saying that her tracking number shows that we received the package a week and a half ago, which we did, but that's not the issue!! I'm so annoyed with the seller as she totaly skirted the problem. My question is, what other recourse do I have besides contacting ebay and paypal and leaving negative feedback? I have 100% feedback and I don't want her to ruin that when this obviously isn't my fault. I hate sellers like this and really want to stick it to her!!!


Jul 4, 2007
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I would contact the seller again saying something like "perhaps you missunderstood my previous email, yes we did infact receive the dishes however some of the pieces that were mentioned in the auction were not included in the shipment". If she does not respond or insists that she shipped everything I would take the issue up with paypal by filing a claim. Hope this helps.


Nov 30, 2006
You will probably lose the paypal claim (this is my guess, since she can show proof of delivery of *something*), but you can also do a chargeback through your credit card, assuming you paid that way.


Jovi Junkie
Apr 20, 2007
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File a not as described claim with paypal as you did not receive what was described in the auction. Doesn't matter if it shows delivered if pieces are missing.