Seller Delivered Package to Wrong Address

  1. Is this something I should rememedy or the seller? I tracked the package and it said they (USPS) attempted to deliver my package and "left a notice?" what if someone else winds up with my bag??
  2. I would call your post office to see what's up. My postman once delivered the notice to the wrong address. So I called the post office and they held the package for me to pick it up. Also, I've had that message come up when I've tracked online and the postman didn't really attempt a delivery since I was at home all day waiting.
  3. they (USPS) attempted to deliver my package and "left a notice"

    very common practice, I see it all the time. Yep "notice left" and very often there is no pink postcard in the mailbox (this "notice" looks like a soft pink color flimsy postcard). You can try calling your local post office, but it is the weekend and you probably will have to wait until Monday. Another option if you have the insurance + confirmation number they can help you via the 1-800-ask-usps number.

    BTW - I do not believe that they can just hand the package to another person, even if that person has the pink notice. IDs are verified at pick up.
  4. Ok - one more thing. If I were you double check with your seller that the item was shipped to the correct address. Just double check and make sure. If everything is in order, then is likely that the mailman forgot to leave you the notice...
  5. he or she says that they did send it to the correct address
  6. ** yes in the automatic paypal shipping confirmation email I recieved, it has my correct address on it.
  7. ^In that case, I honestly think that you will have to be the one to remedy the situation by default (even though it wasn't your fault, but the seller did put the correct address). Just contact your local post office and have THEM held responsible. :yes:
  8. I wouldn't worry yet, but you should definitely try to call the courier to see what address they are delivering it to.
  9. According my experience use EMS ( USPS Global Express ), if they state as "attempted to deliver"
    usually they just processed it to delivery to receiver's address :smile:

    Congrats with your new bag.
  10. I guess I'm a negative nancy when it comes to e-bay. but sometimes it's your only hope for getting that bag you just can't seem to get out of your head. Anyway, the seller is being a DOLL about it and said she would contact the post office for tomorrow (even though she did put the correct address).
  11. Definitely check with your post office! I ordered some eye cream last year and hadn't received it after two weeks. The seller gave me tracking information, and I called the post office. They had it on record that the mailman had attempted delivery and left me a notice--but I'd never received a slip saying that had happened! I'd also had several neighbors who had the same thing happen; they'd never received any notice of 'attempted delivery'. So I had to go down to the post office and pick my package up--good thing it was still there and hadn't been returned to the seller!