Seller delays the shipment, what should I do?

  1. I won a multicolor agenda last Wednesday, and paid immediately after that. Seller told me she will ship it on Saturday, which is already late as it suppose to. Now, I email the seller again, and was told she still hasn’t shipped the item, and she said she would ship the tomorrow. This is first time I run into this situation. One week after the end of auction, still hasn’t shipped out the item. Can I request a refund base on the delay of the shipment, and leave a negative feedback? I felt so upset because I am leaving the town next Monday, and not sure if I will receive it on time before I leave.
  2. Did the seller originally state in her auction how long it would take to ship the item? 1 week isn't horrible for a seller who may live far from a post office and maybe makes 1 trip a week there, but I think this should be stated in the auction. Have you explained to the seller that you are going out of town and need this item ASAP?
  3. Techinically, the seller has 7 days to ship an item.
  4. Ask seller the reason for delaying. Normally, I'll ship the same day when payment receive ( in tha case, post office still open ) or 1 day after payment receive, at least 2 days but never delay till over 1 week!! Too long time, how if you delay payment for over 1 week, too?? Will her tolerate you??

    But just ask your seller first & tell her you need that agenda & will go out of town.

    Anyway the last time my seller delayed shipping till over 1 week, she tried to scam me with relist item. Beware
  5. Things like this happen a lot. I know a few months ago I took a long time to ship out an item because I was very sick and I just couldn't get to the post office. If you still want the item, I would ask the seller nicely to send it to you via express or priority mail to ensure that it arrives to you. Personally, if you receive the item and it's what you paid for, I don't think it deserves negative feedback.
  6. I don't know what you want to do in your stituation, but I'm currently waiting for an item that I won on Jan. 22. I have yet to recieve it and I haven't heard from her that she's shipped it out yet.

    I went through her feedback and most items she sells seem to take a month to get to their new owners, I wish I had looked at this before. I looked at her feedback before I bid, but I didn't realize her shipping time. In the auction it said the item would be shipped out in 2-3 days (Now I know this is total BD!!!!!) She has 100% positive feed back so I'm keeping my finger crossed.

    It's very frustrating and I feel your pain. I really hope you can straighten it all out. I personally am taking the wait and see approach, with my fingers and toes tightly crossed.

    I hope you get it all worked out.
  7. Thanks for your feedback, the seller didn't indicate in the listing how long it will take to ship to the item. I am upset because I have already purchase the refill just because of this agenda, and want to bring it with my trip. Now without the agenda, I don't know what to do with my refill. I really felt like just to leave a negative feedback to the seller.
  8. If the seller hasn't shipped after a week, you can start a PayPal complaint process. Since she would then have to provide the delivery information, it might motivate her to ship the item. If she ships it tomorrow though, she is within the week and she is entitled to have that week, although she should have been upfront about it in her listing.
  9. I understand you but personally I think it does not deserve neg feedback. for not shipping within a day that is. These things happen, we are people - I have waited for payments and items alike, and similarly, it has happened that it took me some time to pay or to send an item.
    As was suggested, why don't you ask her to send it by priority mail/express so that you will have it in time?

    i don't think though that through eBay or paypal you have a valid claim, as they will at least wait for 20 days before they make a move, when you open a claim. You can always leave negative feedback, but you may get one back...
  10. Did you tell the seller you needed the item before you left for your trip? If you didn't, then the seller is not at fault and does not deserve a negative. If you leave her a negative, you will look like an unreasonable buyer. Personally, I would not want to be seen like that to sellers, who can block you from their auctions.