seller credits me w/ shipping costs

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  1. because in her message that i just got right now, she made a mistake in shipping and so the item i bought will be a little late. she also said that the pants *should* have gotten here by today latest tomorrow...HOWEVER i just got the pants and are wearing them right now!! plus that was super fast shipping anyways. i feel like i should ask her to take back the $$ for shipping especially since i won the item for so cheap. but might that be overkill? so many paypal transfers haha! perhaps she would just like to know that i appreciate her thoughtfulness because you don't see that happen very often..idk, haha!
  2. That's great of your seller. I like to refund if I have charged too much for shipping, even if it's $2. It's rare because I am usually the one that has to pay extra for shipping, but sometimes it does happen.
  3. ITA. I would send the shipping $ back to her.
  4. Give her the shipping back and thank her for her honesty.
  5. If you sell a lot you will find you are usually on the losing side, so in the rare occasion I might make an extra $1 I do not credit it back. Also Buyers forget that sometimes the box alone can cost $2.00 +, and shipping is where the box cost should go. I do not want to ship gorgeous handbags in old liquor store box.

    The best way to thank her for fast service and a good product, is to leave her 5 star feedback, and to write something very nice in the comment section of the feedback.
  6. If you have the pants and are wearing them why not just refund her the cost as you got them earlier than she expected. Don't forget to thank her for her thoughtfulness.
  7. If you decide to 'refund' there might be a charge for it. You could just use 'send money' and there will be no charge.
  8. i would send her back the money and thank her.
    it's rare to get sellers like that any more, that's for sure