Seller copoed my LV listing and I contacted ebay

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  1. I'm so mad. I have been selling on ebay for over 5 years now and still have 100 positive feedback. I have sold over 8 of my own personal LV handbags that I was no longer using and all of the buyers loved my handbags and left great positive feedback. They all noted they loved my authentic handbags. I still have 100% positive feedback, but I just went to my ebay summary page to list another LV handbag that I wanted to sell and I clicked on one of my LV handbags I sold back in January of this year and it shows the listing was cancelled. The buyer of this LV handbag loves the handbag and left great feedback on my authentic bag. I'm very upset, because this just all of a sudden happened after I emailed a seller that they are not supposed to copy my previous auction that just ended two weeks ago word to word and use my pictures. I also emailed ebay to let them know that this seller had stolen my pictures and exactly word to word that I had stated in my auction. Luckily, ebay cancelled this sellers auction and the seller sent me a rude email back through ebay stating I had no right to contact ebay and have their listing taken down. And then this morning after 5 years of selling on ebay and still have perfect feedback I see that the LV handbag that I sold in January is cancelled. I'm so mad. I will be calling ebay when they open this morning and fowarding on the rude email I got from the seller that had their copied listing of mine taken down. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I'm afraid if I list my beautiful LV handbag today and someone looks at the my listings that I have sold they will now see a LV handbag was cancelled, even though the feedback from the buyer shows: beautiful authentic LV handbag and great seller. I'm so mad!!!
  2. Here's the picture of my beautiful White LV MC Speedy 30 that I want to list on ebay.

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  3. Why do you bother to contact seller, just report it to ebay.
  4. Your right I should not have reported it to the seller too. I had just emailed them to ask why they had copied my listing word to word and used my pictures. I told them that it was against ebay policy. I never thought this seller would retaliate. I will never contact a seller that steals my listing or pictures again. I just thought maybe the seller would be a decent person and change their listing.
  5. report ot ebay...:yes: but sometimes it takea a while for ebay to respond which i hate
  6. :confused1:I'm not understanding at all. Why is the Jan. auction showing cancelled? I don't understand, I'm sorry. I might just be having a brain fart though.;)

  7. I don't know why it's showing cancelled either. That's why I will be calling ebay customer service when their phone lines open this morning. All of the LV handbags I have sold were authentic and all of my feedback from the buyers also states they love the handbags and that they were authentic. When I was going to list my White MC Speedy this morning I noticed that the LV that I had sold in January is now cancelled and this just happened after I notified another ebay seller to not steal my pictures and listing of my LV handbag that I had sold two weeks ago. This seller sent me a rude email back stating that they ebay ended their auction, because I had contacted ebay and them with an email that they are not supposed to steal or copy other ebay listings. I feel this seller is mad at me for contacting ebay and having their listing taken down and now all of a sudden my handbag I sold back in January is now cancelled. When I talk to ebay customer service this morning I'm going to tell them that if they don't fix my cancelled auction that I will never sell on ebay again, especially when I have great feedback and have only sold authentic items. I feel this seller that stole my pictures is retaliating against me.
  8. For some reason, I don't think one thing has to do with the other. The seller that got his/her listing pulled couldn't have had a completed auction cancelled. Please keep us posted and good luck!
  9. what do you mean by cancel? like they remove feedback of that listing?
  10. I just got off the phone with ebay customer service and I was wrong. I thought they had cancelled by auction from January, but ebay informed me that they take down auctions or the auctions don't show up anymore after 60 days now. It doesn't mean the auction was cancelled by ebay. They just don't show up anymore after 60 days. I thought it was 90 days, but it's been changed to 60 days. So when I put in the auction number for the handbag I had sold in January, by the positive feedback no auction shows up anymore. I thought the ebay seller that had stolen my pictures from my previous auction had contacted ebay and tried to relailate and have an older auction cancelled, but I was wrong. I have learned my lesson and I will never email an ebay seller that has stolen my auction pictures. I will just email ebay and have them remove the pictures and auction.
  11. Yay I'm glad that you got that cleared up. :smile:
  12. I'm glad your auction wasn't canceled after all! I agree with the other posts that it's never a good idea to contact a seller about them either copying your listing or to tell them that their items are counterfeit. Better to just silently report them to Ebay. I know it's hard because it makes you so mad, but you never know what people are going to do!
  13. eBay will be able to cancel complete auction if someone report it to eBay as fake, abuse the rules, etc. Sorry that happened to you.