Seller Concerns: Patent Coach Bag

  1. Hi I really want to buy this bag but I'm not sure if I should from these 2 sellers. What do you think:

    eBay: New Coach Patent Leather Blue Gallery Tote Bag 10380 (item 190079844216 end time Feb-11-07 18:45:13 PST)
    From seller yestore.

    I checked on toolhaus and this seller has a lot of neg/neutral feedback.


    eBay: New Coach Patent Leather Blue Gallery Tote Bag 10380 (item 190079844216 end time Feb-11-07 18:45:13 PST)

    This seller has only sold 1 item before, but account has been open since march 2003 and has 100% feedback from selling 1 thing and buying 1 thing. Doesn't offer shipping insurance though... I asked them if they would, so we'll see.

    Thanks so much for responses!:jammin:
  2. You should post this in the Coach section to get a quicker response. Sorry I can't help you with regard to authenticity of these bags!
  3. thanks lori. I posted here b/c I'm not worried about authenticity of the bags. They look good to me.

    I'm wondering if I should be concerned with these sellers histories.
  4. I personally wouldn't be too concerned with the first seller.

    The 2nd link is a duplicate. Can you repost the correct link?
  5. I personally would be hesitant and probably would not bid unless the item was so cheap I didn't care about the condition. There are a lot of accusations of SNAD. Usually one or two with someone with this type of feedback is OK since not all buyers read the auction, scam, etc. This person has 6 negatives and 5 neutrals for just this month all with common themes... that leads me to believe there is something to these accusations.
  6. Sorry about that! Heres the second, although its over. I decided not to bid on either, just to be safe. Enough people were bidding on both auctions that they got pretty close to the price of sellers who look more reputable so I decided it wasn't worth the risk for a $20-50 price difference. I just wish I could get it at an outlet and really save! it's only 140 there and its going for 190-230 on eBay!

    eBay: Coach Blue Patent Leather Gallery Tote Bag NWT 10380 (item 130077571243 end time Feb-12-07 06:41:12 PST)
  7. I agree, it was too much frequency even if they've done a lot of transactions.

    BTW, what does "SNAD" mean?

    Thanks for your response!:wlae:
  8. Is it possible to call the nearest outlet and have them charge send it to you?
  9. Significantly not as described.
  10. The way coach does it, they charge you full price ($358) if they have it at the outlets. I haven't even been able to find one on the west coast lol. Thanks again for your help though!
  11. If they are shipping from the US to the US via USPS, they have to offer insurance. If it doesn't state it on the auction (the default will say "Not offered") you can request an invoice with the insurance amount included in.