Seller claims Spring '06 forward Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes are 'Made in China'!

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  1. actually i just checked all my mj shoes from winter '05 and spring'06 and they are all made in china. I purchased them from Neimans and Saks so they are all 100% authentic
  2. they look pretty authentic to me

    i don't know abt the marc by marc jacobs on the insole cuz i haven't seen the fall shoes yet. U would have to ask the m by mj store
  3. but i don't know why they are selling so many
  4. Really? Wow- I would have never thought! Do they also say Made In Italy somewhere or just made in china? I'm just wondering why NM's website says they are 'made in italy'.
  5. they only say 'made in china' i have no clue why NM's site is saying 'made in italy'
  6. Ok, thanks again for the info!:yes:
    I was confused.:shrugs:
  7. Yea, my mouse ones and my patent flats from this season are made in china.

  8. no prob:smile:
  9. Hi!

    I'm new to this forum, and I actually found it because I was googling mouse flats...Anyway, the first time I saw mouse flats from Marc was in this outlet boutique in Hong Kong that gets its stock by taking samples etc that the designers don't want anymore. I'm just guessing, but I think it's possible that Marc Jacobs shoes are now made in China, because why else would they have samples in Hong Kong - certainly not because they shipped them all the way from a factory in Italy! Anyway...that's assuming that those shoes are real, and they did look that way. Ahh...anyway, if someone knows for sure, enlighten me please!
  10. I got mine at the same type of store here in HK...they are Made in China, took them to a department store to compare...same exact shoe.
  11. hey!

    Haha...was it that boutique in Causeway Bay called The Queen and I?
  12. No...but I will have to try that one out!!!
  13. Oo...where did you get yours? The Queen doesn't have my size. Also, do you know if thye have full ballet flats in white, or did they only make the slingbacks?
  14. I can't remember the name of the store...they only had the one pair, and they are slingbacks. I will keep my eyes open, or go back to check it out...the shop was in Mong Kok.