Seller claims sick mother delays shipping...but...

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  1. Sorry this is so long! But need opinions...
    OK, I bought a $200+ doll on Nov.6 from a seller, with 3000+ feedback, should be fine, right? The auction says priority shipping within 48 hours of payment.
    I almost always pay instantly for my things and did so. The seller left me positive feedback.

    I have PO Box so priority items almost always arrive in 2 days, the 10th comes no doll, 12th is a holiday, 13th no doll...ok..when the 14 th arrives with no doll, I am not panicked, but think a quick e-mail is response. the 15 and 16 pass no doll, no response, I send another e-mail. By the 17th with no doll and no response I am getting panicked...I check his feed back again, there are other items that ended the 5th and 6th that now have feedback, so he is shipping...hmmm...let's check his items, well he has listed 7 pages worth of stuff between the 6th and the 17th..he is def. around.
    When Monday arrives (19th) and no doll, needless to say, I am beside myself. I send him one last e-mail saying if I don't hear from him by the afternoon, I am filing with response. I file with Paypal. Now that paypal is holding his money, he says sorry, he went away for a few days, then his mother got sick and he has been devoting 100% of his time to I am usually a very understanding person...but if this was true why did the other items ship and even more importantly how did he have the time to list over 7 pages of stuff!!
    He wants me to close the dispute before he ships..but paypal says once the dispute is closed it can not be reopened..I said no, send my item then I will I being to harse?
  2. No, you did the right thing. Don't close the dispute until after you have received the doll. Hope it works out!
  3. tink your doing the right thing.
    as for items being listed maybe it was scheduled im trying to give him that BUT why couldn't he get back to you before you opened a dispute, very convient for him to respond for that but not anything else. keep the dispute open till you get your doll
  4. ^Yeah I agree.
    I sold a pair of shoes to a girl and she kept delaying her payment saying her brother had died. Now I'm one of the first people to understand about personal and family issues, but looking at the buyer's bidding record, she was still bidding on other items! All the while telling me that she needed some time to get things together and then she'd pay. Needless to say, she never paid.
  5. Don't close the dispute until you've received your doll in good order.

    Once a dispute is closed, it can't be reopened.

    Good luck!

  6. ITA with all the other posts - do not close the dispute until you are in receipt of the doll.
  7. Thanks everyone...I thought so to...seller refunded my money, he said since I couldn't trust him and release the money (by ending the dispute) he didn't want to do business with's too bad, I wanted the doll, but it wasn't meant to be. Another one will come along.
  8. Glad you got your money back ... you have such an impressive collection!
  9. You did the right thing by filing a dispute, I know I would have.

    I just wanted to say, that it IS possible to list items while you are away. I have gone on vacation and scheduled items to list when I was gone as well. eBay charges for the service through turbo lister, and auctiva does it for free.
  10. What a fruit loop! Glad you got your money.
  11. Glad you got your money back. I'm sure another one will come along.
  12. You did the right thing; another doll will come along, specially with the Holidays coming.
  13. your doing the right thing 100%

    oh so all of a sudden, when paypal steps in to stop him from cashing in, he wants to NOW respond? dont let him slide. get your money back and run like hell.
  14. There's something fishy here. Thank goodness you got your money back. A seller with over 3,000 transactions shouldn't be so thin-skinned as to get upset because you don't "trust" him. I'm guessing he found a way to sell the doll for more money.
  15. You did the right thing Mary...and how strange that he wouldn't just go and ship it...weird!!!!