Seller claims she lost bag?

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  1. I won a Chloe Maggie last night, and this morning get an email from the seller not to pay yet, she can't find it, but she's going to look today, but if I had paid already she would have had to refund the money (which doesn't make sense if she's still looking for it). . . The item is 260272100373; I see from her FB that she "lost" a bag last year that someone had purchased.

    Thoughts from anyone? I sent her an email letting her know I'd seen this other fb and that I sure HOPED this wasn't some attempt to avoid selling for a low price, and to let me know when she had located the bag.
  2. This is one of those things that is hard to call. I sell and have lost things in my house, embrassed to have to tell the buyer I lost it. Most of them have showed up - one pair of pants I found about two years later. I wrote to the buyer (I had put her name aside) and she still wanted them.

    So I could happen. But watch her auctions and see if she relists - then you can report her to ebay.

    Be sure to leave fb letting others know the item was lost - I would leave positive as it could really be true.
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    I would wait and see what she says...I too have def. lost things I've been selling...but they were like tights to a clothing set or something...I don't see how she could have pics of the bag to list, and then misplace so quickly and thoroughly that she can't find it at all...perhaps she got a better offer after the auction ended??
  4. That was my feeling, too - that it was SO quick that unelss she took pics ages ago, it would have been hard for her to lose them. Then again, I live in a fairly small apartment so I think to myself, how could I lose a bag in this tiny place? And I know that's not everyone.

    If it weren't clearly the second time it's happened, I'd be less suspicious. And she's not saying yet "auction's off, I can't find it. . . "

    I think I'm going to make it very plain to her that she has a contract to sell the bag to me, and that if I find out in ANY way, shape or form that it's gone elsewhere I'll be all over her legally.
  5. Hm... things like this do happen but do put in the feedback about it. It might of happend before but the buyers havent put it in the feedback.If she has a habit of doing this it is only fair to make potential buyers aware of the situation x
  6. I lost something once. Really. I felt SO bad. The person did not leave me a negative, I refunded immediately.
  7. I would give it max 48 hours from time I paid for the bag. If she doesn't find it by then, I would request a refund.
  8. it's not about a refund, I haven't paid yet. its about a seller maybe lying about an item to try to get out of selling it for a price that might have been lower than she expected. I think its time to inform her that for a brach of a contract to sell, damages generally mean I buy it elsewhere and she is liable for the price difference. and "i can't find it because i'm scatterbrained" isn't a defense to breach of contract.
  9. OK. I got confused by the "if I had paid already part," didn't see the "if." Sorry.
  10. Good luck, let us know how it turns out..hopefully she's actually misplaced it and it will turn up quickly.
  11. no worries- sorry if I sounded abrupt, I was on my Treo walking around.
  12. Hmmmmmm well, I find it hard for anyone to have lost a bag they were selling.....I´d be able to understand smaller stuff like tops or maybe even pants but a bag? No sure what to believe, although it can be true of course and you may never find out should she sell it to another buyer off of ebay as there will be no feedback. Good luck, keep us posted!

  13. Mmm what is strange is that she realised she lost it only after the sale? During the auction it was still available? Sounds a bit fishy but I would wait for a couple of days max for an update as i expect she does not live in a palace with 25 rooms to search :P!
    good luck!
  14. since you can't go to her house to verify whether she's telling the truth, there's not much you can do if she refuses to sell you the bag for any reason, other than leave her negative fb.
  15. Except perhaps by confronting her with the legal obligations she's under, perhaps make her realize that she needs to cough it up. That's my hope; it'll be a lot easier for her to do that than to have to pursue it. . . But I'm feeling just ornery enough this week to keep pressing.