Seller claimed not scratches but reflection from camera flash?

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  1. Hi All,

    I've another issue relating to scratches again. I've asked for a close up pic of the logo and it looks very much to me like scratches but the seller said it's just reflection from the flash. The seller said, if taken without flash, no such issue. I thought it's the flash that's going to help us see all the fine things that are not captured when pics are taken without flash. Are my eyes playing trick?? Do the fine lines at the bottom of the right C (close to the intersection with left C) looks like a reflection to you all?

  2. Hmmm it does look like scratches to me. If it really bothers you then maybe you shouldn't get it. Or you can always bring her back to Chanel to have the hardware replaced?
  3. does it cost a lot to have the CC logo replaced?
  4. It does look like scratches to me as well. Did you buy it yet? If not and the scratches bother you then let it pass. I'm sure another one will come along.

    However, if the bag is a great deal and this is meant as an everyday bag, then I would get.
  5. I'm not sure sorry. The cost probably differs in different countries. Maybe give your local boutique a call and ask?

  6. ok..thanks for the a bit sad, thought the bag is almost perfect and just before I thought it's surely mine, i notice the scratches... :sad:
  7. definitely, scratches. looks quite deep too... request for more pics, including 1 taken under daylight. cam set at macro!
  8. ok, will ask her to take under daylight.... thanks so much...

    *disappointed* :sad: probably mango no more... :cry::crybaby:
  9. Seller sent another one without flash but I dont know why..when I zoom in , I am not sure it's my eyes seeing fine lines or it's my mind??

  10. It is inexpensive to replace the hardware. Less than USD100. But if the boutique does not have stock may have to wait for long time to ship from Paris.
  11. ^-- looks fine to me :shrugs:
  12. what the...! ok, i think i'll shut up for now and wait for daylight pics... :P

    after thought... maybe they're smudges after being wiped :wondering:
  13. I see... thanks...Now I really dont know where else has got scratches that seller does not tell.. *sigh*
  14. I see maybe 1 or 2. Isn't it going to happen anyway?
  15. even if it is, seller shouldn't be hiding the fact that the bag has scratches.