Seller charging sales tax on shipping?

  1. Hi:

    I've read the fairly recent post regarding eBay sellers charging sales tax and how to test for legitimacy of that charge, but I've another question:

    I purchased a bag from a seller in my state who charged sales tax and the tax is on not just the bag, but the total of the bag + shipping. That is the total the tax is determined by. Is this legit??

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Well, I've discovered that the state of California does *not* require sales tax be determined by item total + S&H. I've messaged the seller and am awaiting a response from them.

    Any one else have experience with this?
  3. That's new to me. I had never heard of anyone charging sales tax on shipping costs. Lets hope the seller made a mistake. It does not sound legal to me.
  4. In *some* states, sales tax is charged on shipping as well but it's not very many states I believe.
  5. its legal. even victoria's secret does. if you're buying on eBay, you only pay tax if that seller actually has a store. you can't just charge tax without a tax id.
  6. IMO some sellers are charging sales tax in CA without legally being able to do so. I just dealt with a seller like this. I asked for her tax ID# and she refused to give it to me, and then she refunded my money before sending the item because my question was too much trouble for her to answer.
  7. good for you!!!! not fair that this seller asking for a state tax, that's why you are buying on eBay to avoid tax then here they are charging you noe... think its greedy ness..IMO no offense.....
  8. The State of California DOES require sales tax on shipping and handling, unless it can be proved that only actual exact shipping cost is charged. This requires careful and written documentation on each and every sale and is so burdensome on the seller that it isn't worth it. Even if a merchant charges LESS than the actual cost, this will trigger the tax becasue it isn't the "actual" cost. If you live in California and buy from any company who has a presence in California, you are charged tax on the total, including shipping and handling. That includes eLuxury (who is headquartered in San Francisco and Neiman Marcus, who has stores in California (but no Bergdoff Goodman, which does not have stores in California.)
  9. I have a tax id# and collect sales tax only for sales in CO. I have never charged it on the shipping charges. However, I have heard that CT and IN are required to charge tax on shipping and CA is not required to charge it on the shipping charge, but they are on the seller's handling charge because it is viewed as profit. I guess every state is different. How confusing! :confused1: