Seller change price ?

  1. Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to eBay and just found a Chanel handbag for a really good deal. I contacted the seller before hand and asked all the questions but then she told me that she might change the price of the bag b/c she said she underestimated the value of the bag. Because the auction still says the original price (she has not changed it), can i still BIN? of course,, i'm trying to save my money and get it before she raises it that wrong? im just confused about how it works. TIA!
  2. That sounds fishy to me. It seems she might want to lure you into bidding right now and not ask any further questions?? I'd be sceptical.
  3. If she hasn't changed it yet, there is no reason why you cannot bid on it. She could have changed it right before or right after responding to you if she wanted to prevent bidding for the previous price. She could also be saying that to encourage you to buy now.

  4. i agree this is a little weird, normally i wouldnt be skeptical, but lets say i was that seller and someone showed interest by emailing me with Qs and i realized i may have listed it too low, i would have changed that price RIGHT AWAY because i would be scared that person interested would bid on my price i felt was too low

    soo if she hasnt changed it yet, that to me is a little weird,,,
  5. I never had this happen where a Seller would raise a price on E-Bay I have had Seller lower prices. But if you can still buy the bag now I would buy it. It's the Seller's fault for not chaning the price before you bid.
  6. I'd bid before she changes the price. She could've very well undervalued the item prior to listing it and since it's hers, she can raise it if she wants to.
  7. It would depend on how bad I wanted it...if you know that the price is a great deal and you really want it, bid before she raises it! How is her feedback? I always check feedback and then decide.
  8. Well, if she bidded now on that lower price, the seller could always cancel that auction and relist the same one with the higher price, so bidding now might not help lock in that price.
  9. uh oh, i bidded on it because it was such a good deal! she has 100% feedback but looks to be fairly new ebayer too..i think she has like 24 feedbacks. now that i paid, do i contact her about whether she is shipping the item or not, or do i wait for her to contact me?