Seller ceases being registered just after I bought item - what do I do now?!

  1. I bought an item this morning and paid via PayPal right away. The Seller contacted me (via Auctiva) after I won as well. Just now I went back to eBay to look lovingly at the pictures of my item again and saw that the Seller is no longer registered with eBay... What does that mean?!?! What happens to the item I just bought and paid for?!?! What do I do now?! Do I contact the Seller or eBay or PayPal or what? Help.
  2. I'd suggest contacting the seller first if you have his/her e-mail. If not, call PayPal right away!!! Hope everything gets resolved.
  3. I do have the Seller's email and I just emailed her... Should I wait a bit to see if I hear back before doing anything else?
  4. Meanwhile you might want to contact ebay through live help and see what their advice is. Sorry this happened.
  5. It isn't looking good that this is going to end well... Oh well, that is what I get for an impulse buy. Now I just hope I can get my money back..
  6. I purchased before and seller went NARU right after. I emailed and she said she was sending my items and she just NARUd because what I bought was all she had to sell. I wouldn't panic unless you do not hear from the seller. If you do not hear from her tomorrow (today) I would contact Paypal ASAP. :smile:
  7. ^^ I'm not optimistic I am going to hear back from the Seller - the item showed up (17 of them!) with the same pictures on iOffer... A couple of questions in the circumstances:
    1.Ebay says I should call the Seller but I don't feel comfortable doing so in these circumstances... If I don't will it hurt my claim?
    2.Do I have to wait 10 days to file an eBay/PayPal claim or can I do so immediately in the circumstances? Ebay tells me (I think - it is poorly worded) 10 days...
    3. What happens if Seller still sends me what I now know is clearly a fake bag in the meantime?!
    4. I paid by credit card with PayPal. Can I just file a claim through the credit card company instead (or do I do it as well as through PayPal)?
    Thanks for your advice.
  8. This happened to me before, i opened a dispute to try and contact the seller and then i escalated it to a claim when the seller didnt respond for 5 days. I'd say open a dispute wait maybe 2 days for the seller to respond to that, and if nothing esclate the dispute to a claim.
  9. Wait a bit then open a dispute. usually there are explanations but then if you saw the item on ioffer...

    I would file the claim after trying to contact the seller for a few days.
  10. This has happened to me before, and I always received the item. But the item popping up on ioffer doesn't sound good. Try contacting the seller first. If the seller doesn't respond within a few days, open a dispute.
  11. What's the item#? is it still valid? But if it's at ioffer I'm sure it's a fake. UNLESS someone stole the picture from Ebay.
  12. Just file and escalate in Paypal. If they don't respond Paypal will automatically find in your favor and refund.
  13. Whatever you do, I'd do it quickly, before the seller has a chance to transfer the funds to their account. I was scammed in the past, and even when PayPal found it in my favor, I didn't get my money back because the seller's PP account was empty.
  14. Thank goodness you paid with a CC. I've never had to perform a stop payment/charge reversal, but as long as you have a good company you should easily recover all of your funds. Good luck!