Seller Cannot Refund with Dispute Pending?

  1. I have an issue with a seller who wouldn't pick up the returned package from the post office. They finally did when I initiated a dispute. Then they sent me a message saying they could not refund my Paypal account with the dispute pending and asked me to withdraw the dispute.

    Since we had been communicating through the PayPal dispute, I didn't receive their message (my bad - I didn't check that mailbox). I escalated it to a claim.

    If a seller cannot refund the $ while a dispute is pending, then how can a dispute ever get resolved without a claim? If a person withdraws the dispute, they have no further recourse through PayPal, so that just doesn't make sense. :confused1:
  2. Or is it just that the seller cannot refund a partial amount (i.e the amount of the bag and not shipping, which is what our original agreement was) with the dispute pending? Would they have to refund the whole amount?
  3. Whatever you do, do NOT cancel the dispute. Like you said, if you do, you have no further recourse with PayPal. I do believe she can refund you with the dispute open (isn't that the point of the dispute in the first place?). Is this a trusted seller with lots of GOOD feedback? I don't know, sounds fishy to me that she would tell you to do that before she can refund you, especially after she drug her feet on picking up the return from the post office. I would just tell her that you are going to let PayPal figure it out, that it took the dispute being filed in the first place to get any action from them. That is what "I" would do. Please let us know how it goes!
  4. All seller has to do is go to the bottom of the detail page and hit 'REFUND', has 60 days to do this even in dispute.
    I had a seller say the same thing to me, she did finally just send Payapl an emailing requesting the refund, because she swore she did not have the option (Paypal swore differently).

    Paypal processed the refund within 3 days of her written request, what a pain!
    Good luck, don't terminate the dispute until your money has cleared!!!!
  5. Thanks. At this point it has already been a month since the original sale, so I guess it isn't a big deal for me to wait for PayPal to review it and refund the money. I have not cancelled the dispute; in fact I escalated it to a claim after going well over a week since they received the package and didn't process the refund.