Seller cancelled the sale - are they allowed to?


Apr 23, 2015
I won an auction today and the seller has cancelled the transaction using the reason "buyer asked to cancel the sale". Which I didn't! I won the auction at lunch time and was at work so I wasn't able to pay immediately - which I normally do. When I got home and went to pay I saw the sale had been cancelled. Is there anything I can do about this? Can I report the seller for lying because they falsely claimed I requested the sale cancelled?
Any advice would be appreciated,
Thank you!


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Feb 25, 2007
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Grr! How disappointing!

She chose that reason because it avoids a ding defect on her account. You can't force her to sell it but she certainly should get a defect.

You can try calling ebay or doing live chat.

Was the listing an auction?
Did the price not go high enough?
Did she relist?

If you go to your purchases/orders, is there a report a problem or something similar in any of the dropdowns?

I know there's a "contact seller" and I'd contact the seller to ask why she canceled and that you didn't request it! Let her know that you will call ebay.

I'm not sure whether you'll be allowed to leave feedback since you hadn't paid.

Please either post or PM the seller ID. I'd like to see the history and keep a note not to buy from her!