Seller Cancelled BIN

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  1. I am soooo bummed! :shucks:

    I found a fantastic BIN deal on an item from a trusted seller. So I jumped at it. Bought it, paid for it, and couldn't believe my luck.

    15 minutes later.....

    I got a request for a cancellation from the seller stating that the price was a typo. The seller refunded my money, but I'm disappointed. I rather have had the item than my money.

    Though I know the seller has every right to do this. I personally don't think it's right. That typo was the seller's mistake. I would have hoped he/she would have sold me the item for that price.

    Do a lot of sellers cancels the transactions after payment was sent?
  2. Do not accept the cancellation request. The typo was the seller's mistake.
  3. I wouldn't say this happens a lot, but it certainly does happen. It's a shame there's no recourse for the buyer, but mistakes do happen. I'm sorry this happened to you!

    As for cancelling the transaction, it's entirely up to you. If you accept, the seller will receive all of his or her listing fees back (you don't lose any money, though, of course). I've accepted to cancel a transaction before, but if a seller is rude or dishonest then I refuse. If I were in your position and the seller was not genuinely apologetic, I wouldn't agree to cancel.
  4. Mistakes happen. On ebay and in the real world. IMHO you are annoyed because you feel you are "owed" the item at the incorrect price. You aren't.

    When I sell I do the best I can to be honest and straight with my buyers, but if I accidentally listed "$100" instead of "$1000" as my BIN, I'd be cancelling and refunding. For some sellers on ebay, this is how they feed their family. They can't afford to take a financial hit like that.
  5. Wait a second here -- how long had the auction been up prior to you going forward with BIN? Is this person a power seller? Multiple auctiosn?
  6. The seller is a top-rated seller with an ebay store. The seller has other BIN auctions posted.

    I don't know what time the auction went up, but it went up today.
  7. Ok, thank you for answering. The reason I asked is had the seller been running only one or two auctions and had the auction up for an extended period of time before cancelling the BIN stating the price was a typo, I would be a little leary; however, seeing as this person obviously has multiple auctions and an entire store to tend to, I definitely believe that this was in fact an honest mistake on the seller's behalf.

    That being said, I understand your frustration in losing out on the item, but the seller in no way needs to honor the BIN price, unfortunately.
  8. Just my opinion anyway. Being a seller for long time on eBay, when I made a mistake, I refunded the money to my Buyer and I will eat my loss of my own mistake.
    I can understand how disappointed one could be, thinking got an excellent deal.
    Works both ways, Seller also must honor whatever on her listing.
  9. ITA.. if it were a new seller or one with low or negative feedback, it would be a different story, but since it was listed the same day and the seller has good feedback, I think it was an honest mistake and she didn't realize it until she received notification of the item selling
  10. I'm not angry that it had happened. I guess the biggest thing for me is disappointment.

    Oh well... there will be other deals.
  11. I understand OP disappointment. No worry, there may be other deals.
    I think is a bit unfair, if it is the other way around, the OP as buyer that made a mistake (bid wrong amount or something) than she still have to pay and most likely Seller will file a Non Pay Item dispute.
  12. eBay will actually allow a buyer to retract their bid if they accidentally entered the wrong amount, but you must immediately re-enter the correct amount. I've had to do this after I bid like a thousand dollars on a $23 item. :P
  13. this happened to me, bought right away when it came up for buy it now of $660, MC white keepall, in pretty good condition, paid, she sent a thank you email stating she would ship it following day, then next day she emailed and said her "maid" spilled wine on it! had to take it to the cleaners! refunded my money, wow! all of this and she even left me postive feedback. a week later she emails saying it is back from cleaners and looking fine, would I like to buy it again, but this time for $1100!!!!!! what a scam, she obviously figured she let it go too cheap, then retracted the sale, I filed a complaint with ebay documenting her behavior and my unhappiness, The question is??? DO I LEAVE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK FOR HER???
  14. I did that once. I listed several BIN items at a pretty low price. The very last item I decided to list that evening was a high-end wallet, also at a BIN price. I accidentally listed the price of the wallet at the same price of the other less expensive items listed before it. Total human error from all of the repetitive listing I had done. Before I could catch my error, someone jumped on it and paid immediately. I immediately refunded her money and apologized profusely, explaining my error. She wouldn't let it go. She was very upset that I would not complete the sale and all I could (and would)
    do was apologize for my mistake and shake my head at her not being understanding that an honest mistake had been made. I suppose she really did believe she was going to get my Chanel wallet for $35.00. :rolleyes:

    I didn't request my fees back because it was error and even though she could have left me negative feedback for non-performance, she didn't.
  15. I know this, I was with eBay for 10 years-but I just gave an example, if Buyer made a mistake (bid too high, wrong amount) and only noticed after the auction end, I am sure she still have to pay and if not, most likely seller will let her off that easy.
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