Seller backs out of auction

  1. Okay so this new seller that refused to answer questions (i posted over a wk ago about this seller), opens a new account b4 the auction ends and relist the item in question. Seller sends me a message redirecting me to the new 'store' and listing. I win the item, pay immediately and here is the message I get 4 days after the auction has ended:

    Seller refunded my payment moments later.

    Should I take pity or report her as a NPS?

  2. Report her. She needs to learn this is not cool.
  3. I would definitely report her. Something sounds weird about this. Why did they need to relist the item the first time around? I have never sold anything on eBay, but it can't be that hard to describe an item, can it?!
  4. I feel for her, but if it were me I would take a loss. She is responsible for learning about eBay before she makes so many mistakes.

    Maybe you should keep bidding it up and then say sorry.....I don't really want I made a mistake, see how understanding she would be.

    Just kidding really, I would never do that but it does soooo make you want to.
  5. Report her, that's the only way to ever stop this crap taking place on ebay!
  6. hhm....maybe wait for her response before doing anything...:confused1:
  7. No response, remember she has a problem with returning messages. SHe had about 15 items listed only about 5 sold, all low, wonder how she handled those.

    I am going to report her, too much shady stuff, the 2 id's, no responses...

    Thanks for your responses!
  8. definitely report her! Why switch IDs?