Seller Backed Out But Transaction Disappeared

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  1. Hello All!

    Once again, I won an auction, paid immediately, and the seller backed out of the sale because the winning price was "too low." Seller even wrote to me through eBay messaging system stating this. I told her to promptly refund me if she is certain she would not go through with the sale, that I would not accept a cancellation, and that I would leave appropriate feedback. She did refund me within 24 hours but now I see that the auction has disappeared from my purchase history. Where can I still find it so I can leave feedback???
  2. OK, I was able to find it through advanced search for the name of the item. It came up and I was able to leave negative feedback. Still wonndered why it disappeared from the purchase history, though.
  3. I'm glad you left a negative. Sellers should set reserves on auctions or just do a buy it now if they aren't willing to sell to the highest bidder. :/

  4. I was wondering if the layout has changed myself, now under my purchase history there is an "orders" section at the top, where I expected everything to be but if I scroll down other items are under different headings. I have an item way down under "cancelled or returned/refunded" orders.. or something like that. If you scroll down the page further, do you see the listing in another section of your purchase history? I think they move it accordingly now, once you get a refund or a cancelled order.
  5. It should now be in your purchase history under "canceled items". See pic.
  6. Thanks, ironic and lshcat, for the responses! I just scrolled down the purchase history page to look and hit all of the tabs "canceled items", "canceled orders", and "returns & canceled orders" - but still nothing is there. In any event, I was able to leave feedback by searching completed listings. After the negative feedback, I got a couple of messages from the seller asking why I had left a negative and wanting to talk to me on the phone????
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    The feedback has been left & your seller should not be contacting you & if she does reach out to you again, I'd report her
    to ebay. Is she contacting you via your private e-mail or thru ebay messaging?

    When sellers cancel tranactions with this kind of explanation,they earn that "negative" by their actions...
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    There's nothing wrong with a seller attempting to contact the buyer and try to work things out. In fact, ebay encourages it so reporting is fruitless. It's possible that the seller might be willing to follow through with the sale should the OP desire it so that might be the reason for the attempted contact.

    However -- the OP doesn't need to respond to the seller and certainly wouldn't want to talk on the phone! And if the OP/buyer doesn't want to revise the feedback, she doesn't have to.

    ETA: Here's the portion of the rules from ebay:
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  9. some high-volume sellers are allowed to cancel items and the buyer does not have to agree with the cancellation. one of these sellers is linda's stuff.
  10. I have a feeling the seller wanted to sell the item off eBay and to offer me a higher price (but not as high as it would be if it sold on eBay) - but this is pure speculation on my part. I just told her that I would be uncomfortable talking to her on the phone and that anything she had to say should go through eBay messaging not peep back from her since. She is a newbie seller from Ukraine so I don't think she is offered the same "perks" as Linda's Stuff - but that's interesting to know ;)
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    Doubt that she will reach out to you again, but should the messages escalate in tone, that can be reported to ebay.
    Perhaps since she is a newbie,she may not have realized or understood not shipping the item would get her the "negative" feedback & that's
    why she may have contacted you to reverse your feedback
  12. I am so done with this seller...there have been so many emails back and forth and she really is clueless. I should have followed my gut instincts - international seller with low feedback with designer handbags for auction, starting at low prices...but I did post 2 of her bags for authentication on tPF and to my surprise was told 1 was authentic and 2nd no real red flags just additional photos to confirm if I was the winner of the auction. I am posting the back and forth exchange with the seller for my own therapy and for your amusement.

    Seller: Hi! I'm so sorry, it's my sister bag. She's from Russia. She said that don't want to sell her bag for such a low price. I have to make you refund. And I see,that you win another my auction. My congratulations. I will ship it from Ukraine and add the track number.

    Me: Hello, I am very disappointed that you are backing out of this sale. Ebay has an option of "reserve price" or starting an auction at the lowest price that you are willing to sell the item for to prevent this type of incident from happening. Regardless, no one can force you to sell if you do not want to. However, if you are certain that you will not be completing this transaction, then you need to promptly refund my money. I will not accept a sale cancellation and will be leaving appropriate feedback when I receive the refund.

    *In the mean time, I did receive the refund and promptly left her negative feedback "Seller refused to complete sale because winning bid was "too low."

    Seller: Hi! Why do you leave me a negative feedback? I understand your disappointment, but I can't list with more highest price because I still have some seller limits and I didn't know that I can recieve a negative feedback for this, I'm a new seller and don't know all rules. It is very important for me to keep my account in good statement. From today I'll never cancel the order by myself. And what can I do to fix this review?

    Me: I left feedback that reflects my experience - I wasted time watching and bidding on your auction, won, and then told that it didn't sell for the price you want so you will not be honoring the contract you entered into. Once feedback is left, only eBay can change/delete it, if they deem it appropriate to do so. *I guess I was wrong about this because the seller can now ask for a revision*

    Seller: I would like to speak with you over the phone. What is the best number to call?

    Me: I am not comfortable talking with you over the phone and prefer all correspondence to be through eBay messaging system.

    Seller: I understand you. I send you feedback revision request. Thanks.

    *She sends request for feedback revision and wants the feedback to be POSITIVE. I declined.*

    Me: I don't think you understand. I am not willing to change my feedback as I believe it reflects what happened accurately. It was not a positive experience - I bid, I won, and you backed out of the sale. It would be a positive experience if you honored the sale price and sent the bag. Do not contact me regarding this auction again. What you can do to earn a positive feedback is to mail off the other Christian Dior bag I also won and upload the tracking number.

    Seller: I no longer feel I want to have anything to do with you. I will be issuing you full refund for the second bag.

    Me: This will be my final response to you. You have a lot to learn as a new seller. You backed out of a sale because it did not sell for the price you want. You got a much deserved negative feedback. Yet, you still have the gall to ask for a revision of the feedback to POSITIVE no less. What was positive for me in the transaction? I will be leaving you another negative feedback if you choose to not honor the second sale, but once again, the choice is yours - once you make the decision, then live with the consequences - no lies, no excuses. Do not contact me again - either upload tracking or refund me.

    *Now, I am secretly hoping she backs out of this sale as well so I can give her another negative. In my lifetime on eBay since 1996, I'd probably given fewer than 5 negs but this one richly deserves it*

  13. Unbelievably clueless. Possibly a language gap here, but also quite obvious that she doesn't understand that the sale is a contract. :rolleyes:
  14. You've done a good job trying to explain why she rightly got the neg and why you won't change it. (While I also understand why she doesn't want to ship the second bag, again, she's wrong.) if she still refuses the second shipment, she'll have earned another neg.

    I do have a question about the following part of your post. I looked but didn't find the authentication requests. Where were they posted?(Never mind.....found them.)
  15. Wowwwww! She is ridiculous! Here is an instance where it makes lovely sense that sellers can no longer leave negative feedback for buyers. I hope she backs out and refunds you for the 2nd bag, what icky mojo. Good luck!
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