Seller asking for extra $ after auction end?

  1. Hi all,

    I just bought a pair of $200+ boots using BIN and the seller had listed shipping at $20. I've already paid the seller but she just sent a message about how the shipping charge was incorrect. She's asking for an extra $5 which is fine because it's not much at all.

    Just for future reference though, if a seller comes back asking for extra charges, do I have to pay it? ie. if the seller asks for $X, could I potentially refuse to pay for the item w/o any implications like negative feedback?
  2. No you don't have to pay the extra fees. They are probably trying to cover paypal or eBay fees. I know I ship out a lot of items, and I guestimate from doing it so long. I am usually within a couple of dollars from the amount. Sometimes I lose money, but it's what I stated the item would be shipped for.

    The seller probably quote the price to ship a pair of shoes, not boots. In that case, I could understand it being a little more money and not realising it.
  3. You don't have to pay. If the extra amount is reasonable, I don't mind paying. People make mistakes, no big deal. :smile:
  4. You shouldn't have to pay anything like that, but there's really nothing to keep the seller from leaving negative feedback if you don't pay.
  5. Thanks for the help! Appreciate it. It's just something for me to keep in mind for the future.
  6. Anyone can leave negative feedback (for that matter, on the internet, anyone can say anything they please, it seems) but the Seller has no right to ask you for more money. If there is a mistake it is their problem.
  7. If you think you got a great deal, the seller is being nice about it and the original shipping price was on the low side, I would just pay the extra $5. Normally, I would be of the opinion to tell the seller to "pack sand", but this has to do with some of them charging exhorbitant rates for shipping. Good luck! Either way, you're in the right. ;)
  8. eBay not allowed sellers ask for extra charge! Your seller will suspended by eBay if you report her.
  9. Otherwise, it's her own problem if she provided incorrect shipping cost
  10. I am always getting the estimate wrong and underestimating the postage costs (a consequence of doing things in a hurry between full-time job, children, life etc). I wouldn't dream of contacting the buyer to seek the extra money - it's my fault and we agreed a deal including postage. I am learning to be a bit more realistic in my estimates though!
  11. I always just pay the extra if I underestimate shipping. It's not proper to ask a buyer to pay more.
  12. I think it's wrong (and against ebay rules) to ask for more money for shipping after the auction. I sold a leather coat on ebay, and the post office charged more than they had originally told me it would cost. I had brought the package in, and asked how much to ship. Somehow one of the ladies made an error, and it ended up costing $2 more, I ate the cost. It wasn't my buyer's fault it cost more, so she shouldn't have to pay it. If it doesn't bother you to pay the difference, that's fine, but I don't believe it's fair to you. JMO
  13. Me too..:yes:
  14. As a seller, I think it is very tacky to do this (ask for more $). A seller can list whenever they want (save draft and come back to it, schedule a start & revise), and a cheap scale, the USPS website, your old similar auctions-all can give you a clue as to shipping costs. When I have been lazy and guessed (when a little investigation would have told me exactly) I paid-the shipping costs are part of the auction that is binding to both parties-when I was wrong, I was mad at myself, but I would never ask the buyer to pay for my goof!
  15. :yes::yes: I sold and shipped LV Epi Vanilla Nocturne to Ca, USA and I only ask $45 for shipping then when I go to post office, I've to pay $65. I paid the extra $25 from my personal money. I never asked my buyer to pay me extra or ask her that I spend extra for her. Buyers will think that you're trying to trick or ask money from them as you unlike the closing amount.