Seller accusing me

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  1. I recently purchased a Louis Vuitton travel bag from ebay. Upon arrival I noticed that the bag had the dreaded kiss of death i.e cracks in the canvas. I had asked the seller before bidding if there were any cracks (lv would not repair the zip if there were) and she said no. I sent pictures. The seller said she couldn't see them no matter how many pictures I sent.

    She offered a refund but I wanted return postage as the item is large and the new policy provides that the seller should pay return postage right? Anyway, she refused and then went back on her offer of a refund. I opened a case and she is now accusing me of damaging the bag !

    Where do I stand ? I sent the images on the SAME day. I've never had this happen before. Please help x

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  2. I can see the cracks clearly, accusing you of damaging the bag is absurd. If I were in your shoes I would open a SNAD case with Ebay, they will be able to access both of your messages about this and tell you how to proceed.
  3. Sorry I should have said - I have done this and it is via this process that she has accused me. Before I opened a case she offered a refund minus postage but it will cost me at least £20 to send it back tracked (I would think). She then went back on the offer of a refund so I opened the case. But now she has lied about this. How can I prove I didn't do this and what if they believe her ?! I cannot believe someone would accuse another of that. I couldn't sleep at night if I did things like that!!
  4. I have been on both ends of this and have had this issue before. eBay usually sides with the you the buyer. I don't think you have to worry about this eBay will make it right.
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  5. I truly hope so. She just randomly came out with it. It's not like an argument she has maintained from the beginning. This is the third day that the bag has been in my possession (sat stuffed in our spare room). Thank you.
  6. Chances are better that ebay will accept the SNAD dispute, just find in your favor and take return shipping from the seller's account. (When the seller loses a SNAD dispute, seller pays return postage. But that's not a given when an item isn't SNAD.)

    Can you please post the listing so we can see if the cracking shows in any of her pictures or if there's any description of the issues.
  7. Of course. Give me one minute and I will also send the messages I sent and her responses. She did mention holes in the actual zip material but that wasn't a problem for me as I was going to take the bag to LV for them to repair it anyway

  8. Your welcome. I'm sorry you have to go through this. I know it's nerve wrecking and very stressful. Hang in there!
  9. Me to her - Thank you ! Is there no wear at all to the canvas ? No cracks or holes ? If I win it, I am going to take it to LV and have them put a new zip in but they won't repair anything if the canvas is worn. Thanks in advance

    Her to me - New message from:*a4zara*(133)

    Hi, just what is specified so the marking as shown and the tear to the lining on the zip but no cracks or holes. If you wish I could send you some up close photos later.

    Me to her -

    That should be absolutely fine. It looks like only the fabric on the zip has torn ? And only the leather appears to be marked. So as long as there is nothing on the monogram canvas itself they should do it for me ! If there are any marks on the monogram canvas or more noticeable signs of wear I would appreciate further pictures though if you do get chance before the listing ends. Just want to make sure I'm content with this beauty!

    Her to me - Yes it is just to the lining of the zip, the zip does still operate fully though and the tear isn't noticeable which is why I didn't bother to get a repair. Yes I will have a close look later for you.
  10. 121930620021 here is the item number as it won't give me the link on the app. I've also put the messages between us above. This is prior to me bidding.

    Here it is
  12. I have some comments.

    1. While the cracks may not have been noticeable even if she sent more pictures, the offer was made but you declined.

    2. I wish you'd waited to leave feedback until after the case was resolved. Honestly, having already negged her, why would she have any incentive to work with you? (I'm not saying the feedback wasn't deserved but while you're still in the dispute process, it shouldn't have been done.)

    3. Although I don't think she'll win the dispute, if she does, the feedback you left will be removed.

    4. Did you request a picture of the date code because it's not shown in her listing.

  13. No ish. Those are very miniscule cracks as the photo is greatly magnified.
    I have taken bags that were waaaaaay worse than that in for repair at LV with no problem
  14. That's good to know.

    OP, have you even tried to check on whether LV would repair the bag? You might be pleasantly surprised!
  15. LV won't repair damage to the canvas, afaik. But they did replace a zipper and leather. This was a few years back.