Sell tivoli pm & neverfull mm for trevi pm????

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  1. spongie_08- I'm looking for a PM. My Tivoli is a PM too. You're looking for a PM too right?
  2. yes, we're bag twins. hopefully for the trevi too :smile:
    i may need more time to save up as I recently bought a chanel flap.
    can't wait for your reveal :smile: :smile: :smile:
  3. I love my Trevi PM and wouldn't trade it for a Tivoli PM and NF. So I would sell them and get the Trevi ;)
  4. I need more time too! I got side tracked by the Mahina Solar because the Poudre was such a gorgeous limited color and I had to get it. Still recovering from that. Now I think I might be side-tracked by a black Prada leather tote. But I'm staying strong so far :smile:
  5. really??? trevi looks soo beatiful and seems functional too.. I have decided to keep both for now..thanks anyway..
  6. I have a lot of bags in my wishlist but for now it seems trevi pm is on the #1 spot with chanel beige clair jumbo a close :biggrin:
  7. Go for it! The Trevi is definitely worth it!