Sell tivoli pm & neverfull mm for trevi pm????

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  1. If you sell your NF you will deprive yourself of a great everyday bag! The Trevi is a beautiful bag but not for everyday use, IMO.
  2. I have both of those bags and love them dearly. I can't see myself selling them both. I would love to have a trevi but I agree it may not be an everyday bag and have heard it is fairly heavy. If you think that you will just never get past the fright of carrying the tivoli I would sell it and put that money towards the trevi and save for the rest while keeping the NF.
  3. I love my Trevi PM - This is what I would pick. I'm not a neverful fan in any fabric.
  4. spongie08- I have a Tivoli PM and a Neverful Damier Ebene as well.... AND I'm in love with a Trevi PM which I have yet to get, so I completely understand your dilemma. It's been raining a lot lately so the Tivoli has been in the closet for some time. The Neverfull comes out when I've got loads of stuff to bring or when it's raining, and I use my Solar Mahina when it might rain. I'd like a Trevi as another everyday bag. It's currently out of stock but it works in my favor since it gives me time to save.
    Regarding your dilemma, I'd keep both Tivoli and Neverfull and save for a Trevi. On sunny days the Tivoli is great! And the Neverfull is great for those days when you need to take everything but the kitchen sink. The Trevi will complement your bags because you can use it even on rainy days. Plus, if you sell, you'll lose some money and you'll have one bag the Trevi. Let me know what you decide!
  5. Keep the ones you have. If you want the Trevi so badly, I'm sure you will find a way to save for it - if not immediately, then in the near future....Keep the eye on the prize:yes:
  6. I would keep the two bags you have. I wanted the trevi so badly, bought it and sold it shortly just wasn't for me:sad: I love the neverfull and don't think I will ever sell mine!! Good luck deciding
  7. i would sell them to fund the bag you really want.
  8. Hmm.. Tough decision... I say sell both, get the Trevi.. Save up for a mono NF after
  9. Depending on how much you will use the bag. No point selling and getting one which in the end it is always in the dustbag and at a corner of the house. ;)
  10. Ladies, thanks so much for the advice. I finally decided to keep both
    and just save for my dream bag. :smile: :smile: :smile:
  11. Spongie08- yay! Great! I'm saving up for it too! We can be saving buddies! It's currently out of stock so that'll give us time :smile::smile::smile::smile:
  12. Smart thinking OP!!!
  13. hey shopper_girl! glad to have a saving buddy :smile: what size are you interested in?
  14. I would sell both bags to fund the Trevi. Such a classical bag and you will probably get more use out of it.
  15. ^^agreed. I have the trevi pm but consider getting the NF mm for an everyday use bag.