Sell tivoli pm & neverfull mm for trevi pm????

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  1. hi ladies, I'm not sure what to do. I know that only you lovely ladies here in tpf can help me with my bag dilemma. I really like the trevi pm. I regretted not getting it last year before I purchased my tivoli pm. I love my tivoli pm but I'm so paranoid with the vachetta getting dirty. I hardly use it. Now, I'm thinking of selling my tivoli pm and possibly my neverfull damier mm( since I don't want to keep bags with the same canvas) to fund the trevi pm. Do you ladies think that the trevi is worth losing the 2 bags?? Thanks so much.
  2. Just a reminder that there's no selling/buying/trading on tPF. It's a bannable offence.

    If you think you'll use the Trevi a lot more, then sell. Good luck with your decision.
  3. Apologies if my title sounds like I'm trying to sell something. Just asking for advice thanks anyway. :smile:
  4. I have the same 2 bags as you and I while I love the Trevi I would rather have the tivoli and neverfull. But if you'd be happier with just the Trevi than go for it :biggrin:
  5. If you are not using the Tivoli, then I say sell it. But I would probably save enough to fund the Trevi first without selling the Neverfull. I love the Trevi but Neverfull is so practical.
  6. thanks!!

    that's why I'm so undecided I don't want to have regrets later if ever I get rid of my 2 bags.
  7. thanks scaredycat!
    That sounds like a good idea except that I'll probably not get it soon as I just bought a Chanel purse. Need to save up.
  8. I would not sell them, but would be saving up for the Trevi instead !!

    For me the three bags are for different occasions, especially the NVF and the Trevi.
    Therefore, there's nothing wrong of keeping them though they are in the same canvas (=
  9. thanks earthx. I want to at least have a bag in each of the lv lines I fancy that's why I don't want to have bags with the same canvas. Oh well. Still uncertain.
  10. I would definitely sell 2 bags I was uncertain about for 1 bag that I REALLY love.
  11. Sounds like you love the Trevi... And eventhough you have bought other bags your thoughts are still returning to the beloved Trevi. Unfortunately these thoughts and feelings do not go away! If you haven't used the other 2 bags for a while and you think you won't miss them then it would be best to sell them... Let them fulfil their destiny... to put a smile on someones face and totally ROCK!

    If you still love them... Just save up honey! No point selling them because one day you might regret it and wish to repurchase which will cost you more. Have a good think about it.... The Trevi isn't going anywhere yet so don't rush and make a hasty decision x
  12. I say 'yes...definitely!' but I adore the Trevi and might be considered biased. Good luck with your decision.
  13. I vote yes, sell & get the Trevi if you are going to use it more. Then get a Mon Mono NF later!
  14. I understand what you want spongie08, since I'm trying to be like you as well. But then, theres are these times where we want to break the one per canvas rule as well lol :P
  15. If you not in LVoe with these two bags sell them to get the one you LVoe, you can always buy them again later if they appeal to you once again!