Sell Speedy to fund Artsy?

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  1. Hi ladies- hoping people can provide input and pictures! Please note I am not trying to sell a bag on here- only want opinions. I purchased a Speedy B 35 in DA about a year ago. I have rarely used it- mostly because I work from home and just don't go out much during the day and use smaller purses at night. Anyway thinking about getting an Azur Artsy. I just think the Artsy is so beautiful!! But is it comfortable? I know it is a big bag and I am 5'6" and size 0/2. Would it look huge on me? I don't carry a lot of things but just think it is so pretty. BTW- I have 3 Speedy B 35s- one in each canvas. That's part of the reason I was thinking of switching- to get some variety in my life!

  2. I used to have a Speedy 35 in Mono, but it was a decade old, so I sold it to buy a new one, but went to a 30, and bought DE. I just got a Mono Artsy a couple weeks ago, and I am in love. I have mostly Monogram (also a Neverfull and Favorite) so the Speedy is my only DE item. I know a lot of people get all the prints in the same bag, and I think that works for them because the style is timeless. I would ask yourself if the reason why you have all three prints because you just love the Speedy so much and it's your most used bag, or has this feeling changed, and you can see yourself using a new bag more than one you already own? It seems like this is the case.
    If you aren't using it, buy something that you will use and love. I am about the same height as you, but I'm a size 6. I don't think the bag is too big, and I love its size. I also don't think it's uncomfortable, and you're right...its soooo beautiful! I personally don't use this as a shoulder bag. When I bought it the SA told me to be careful if I did wear it as a shoulder bag because it's not meant to be worn that way, and people's deodorant caused cracking on the canvas from rubbing against the bag. I think the Artsy looks best carried in the crook of your arm or handheld. If you wanted a real hobo style bag, the Delightful seems to be made for shoulder carry, and has a longer drop from your armpit.
    I would love to own the Artsy in DA and paired with its shape, the overall look would be so feminine. I would go for the Artsy! They have improved the canvas and braided handle, so I think it's a great time to try this bag. I waited several years to purchase because it had issues in the past. Happy they are resolved.
  3. I am 5'2 . And my mono artsy looks good on me :smile:
    the latest version of artsy is lighter and the handle is softer compared to the older one.

    My suggestion is , go for her. She is a beauty.

  4. Thanks! I saw your pictures with your new Artsy and they look beautiful! I do love the Speedy B but don't use the DA one much and just thought I would try some variety. I am the type of person that buys something I like in every color- shoes, tops, purses. Lol. It's a problem. I was thinking about trying to find one preloved too. I am also getting the DE Delightful in the next week or so.

  5. Nice! I think the DE Delightful is really a beautiful bag! The only thing that would worry me about the DA Speedy B is wearing it with jeans as a cross body. I've seen a lot of people with stained bags and it is such a shame. I admire from afar but don't think I could do a DA cross body for that reason.
  6. It's great to have variety, I say go for the DA mine! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463668837.376052.jpg
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  7. I've never worn it cross body. I only use the DE cross body when traveling otherwise just hand hold it or shoulder hold with smaller strap. I'm a little worried about color transfer on the Artsy as well- especially if worn as a shoulder bag.
  8. I say go for it! It's a beautiful bag I love mine but I do tend to think its a little uncomfortable but I think I have the "older" Version mine is about 4 years old so maybe that's why for reference im 5,4 and size 3/5

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463672269.833170.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463672203.236383.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463672222.041969.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463672252.993841.jpg
  9. I do have to say I do get a ton of color transfer from my jeans sometimes the whole side of the bag toward the bottom is blue :sad:

  10. Thanks for that info and the bag looks great on you!!
  11. Your welcome!! Thank you for the nice compliment!
  12. I'd stick with the Speedy B - it's such a lovely bag. Since you have the 35 you already have a bigger bag, which you like in the Artsy and you have two options to wear it, which is a great plus in my eyes.
    And I'd stick with it, coz it for sure already has a nice patina, which makes azur so much nicer than a fresh paper white from the store - not only for upcoming summer :smile:
  13. I'm 5'9/10 and the Artsy fit my body well but I won't lie, it's not a very comfortable bag. I also had it in DA and colour transfer, especially from my jeans, was also a huge concern.
  14. I think it's the most gorgeous looking hobo 😍The Artsy is a must have in a collection and she is on my wish list in Azur!! ❤️🎉❤️🎉❤️
  15. Love the Artsy too. Wish it came in DE. It would then be my perfect everyday bag!!