Sell or not?

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  1. Hello lovely TPF jewelry folks! I have a question. For my 40th birthday (a few years ago :smile:) my husband gave me a lovely David Yurman ring. At the time, I really wanted it and it is very pretty. It is silver with diamonds and since then I have transitioned to only white/yellow gold (mostly white). Also, he has gotten me some other very nice pieces including a Cynthia Bach crown ring I really wanted, which I wear without fail.

    The DY ring is literally sitting in a jewelry box collecting dust (and turning dark, as silver does!). I have it insured, because it was one of the pricier DY pieces. I know if I sell it, I will only get about 1/2 of what he paid. But, essentially, it is sitting there.

    Should I sell it or not? I do not have anything specific I want or need at the moment, but it seems wasteful to have it just laying around....
  2. You may get more then half. If you go with ebay, you could list at a fixed price with best offer and see what happens. It doesn't seem like you have to sell, so you could list it for the price you want and see if the right buyer comes along. There is no sense letting it sit if you don't wear it. I can say however from personal experience, I have older items that at one point I lost interest in and then rediscovered a renewed interest years later.
  3. Personally, I would not sell it. I just could never sell jewelry that my husband had given to me. I agree with above that one day you might want to wear it again and might regret it if you sell...
  4. I don't hold on to jewelry that I don't wear. It seems like a waste when I could buy something new.
  5. I would sell it. I had a bunch of jewelry I'd collected over the years from several people, including my husband, and some that I'd purchased myself. It was just sitting in a drawer for years. I sold it and it felt so freeing to clean up that space! I hope someone else gets enjoyment out of it.
  6. See that was my concern. However, he and I are both of the premise that if you're not wearing it, sell it. I feel like its costing me money, too, since I have it insured (he paid $1000 five years ago). I feel like I could use the proceeds with other funds to get myself something I will wear on a regular basis and I will still know he had a hand in it. I think :smile::smile::smile:
  7. Yes, sell. I love the idea of recycling things you no longer wear and/or use. No need to keep things just because they were given to you by someone special. Using the money towards something else can be just as meaningful.
  8. Thank you! I'm feeling better and better about selling :smile:

    Thanks to everyone for helping me think this through ;)
  9. It is definitely a great feeling to recycle and repurpose :smile: I know my preferences have changed in just 5 years (largely due to TPF lol) and what I loved then is not what I love now. I would rather invest in more classic white gold pieces because silver is not my thing anymore. Live and learn :smile:

    Thanks for your feedback!
  10. Yeah that's where I'm headed. I suppose I will get it professionally polished and go for it!