Sell or not to sell

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  1. I was wondering if I should sell my miss benin shoes to buy more DAFF'S? I just feel the daff's are more comfortable on me. Please help !!!!!
  2. Do you wear the miss benin enough? Which would you wear more? Buy (or keep!) whichever you will wear more because in the end, that's the point, so they aren't just thrown in your closet to collect dust :smile:
  3. I would sell them, for a pair that I would love more!
  4. I do wear my daffs more , and your right they are in my closet just sitting there my nude miss benin worn once and the other brand new never worn .
  5. Because those are slingbacks (I don't like slingbacks) so I suggest sell it and buy a of Daff. I love the ones in your avatar. It's beautiful.
  6. If you aren't crazy about them, sell! It's never a good idea to hold onto ones you aren't in love with.