Sell or not to Sell? LV miror papillon & speedy

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  1. Guys and Gals,

    It's been 2 days since I received my miror papillon in gold and my speedy in silver...I've waited since April and I love them!

    LV's most iconic bag in the most amazing finish. Silver and gold will never go out of style I believe. PLUS, I think it's even hotter than the Murakami Cherry blossom...

    But I'm TORN! My husband wants me to sell them to fund for our daughter's tuition fund. :confused1:

    What would you do? Daughter's tuition or 2 hottest bags ever.

    If I have to pick one, I'm not sure which to give up. I guess it's all or nothing for me. Either I keep none or both...they're like twins. I can't abandon one without thinking about the other ALWAYS...

    How long will I love this bag?...

  2. Hmmm... beg your DH to keep AT LEAST one... and sell the one you think will sell for more money. ;)
  3. I would keep both!!

    Your daughter can take out student loans!!

    JK I think that John's suggestion is definitely the way to go:smile:

    Good luck with your decision!
  4. you mean you and your husband don't have money for your daughter's tuition fee at the moment? I think your daughter's education is more important :smile: you will be able to get the bags back if you have money later~
  5. or financial aids for ur daughter?
  6. :roflmfao:

    Awww... you're so considerate!!! :love:
  7. I think I would sell them to fund your daughter's tuition. I mean she is the most important thing in your life right? I know that if my mom bought 2 bags instead of funding my school, I would be very hurt. Just a little selfish I think to even ask what you should do...Who knows when she gets older she could land an awesome job and buy you *10* LV's...
  8. i would keep the speedy and sell the other one.
  9. LOL guess thats why I'm not going to have any kids (other than my Chihuahuas, of course!!) :roflmfao: :P
  10. I should have added my daughter's age...she's 4 and he's REALLY looking ahead...I know it sounds crazy but when you have a child, you do plan wayyyyy into the future...but I still have quite a few years...yet HIS thinking is that I will grow tired of it in a few years, so I might as well sell it now while it's hot.

    I really appreciate all the feedbacks! :heart:
  11. oh~ she's 4 0.0, so tuition fees to kidergarden?
  12. Sell the speedy and keep the papillon and your daughter. :graucho:
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  14. she's 4 but it's for her College fund...we bought a 529 fund for her (non-taxable college education fund)...we can still afford everything up to then!...otherwise I should be in Purse-Addiction-Anonymous...:shame:

    How long do you guess people who loves this bag will be in love with it for?

    Is it too trendy? or iconic and timeless?
  15. I see it as iconic and timeless. :yes: