Sell or not sell?

  1. I have been toying with selling my gold Hogan Scout for a while...listed it twice on eBay and it did not sell, and someone just contacted me (having seen it a while back on eBay) and wants to buy. The price is close to fair, and I have two other Scouts (one yellow--my avatar bag) and one with the longer flap, no front straps, and the H on the flap in distressed brown. The leather on this bag is slightly metallic and REALLY soft. Hogan does not make this style anymore, and the color was a limited edition. If I sell and regret it, I will probably never find this color again. BUT, will I carry it enough to justify keeping it? It would be money I could put back into my account for future bags...
    Hogan Scout Gold FALL 4.jpg Hogan Fall Scout.jpg
  2. Oops...that second pic is my most RECENT Hogan Scout...I accidentally uploaded the wrong one. Let me try again.
    Gold Scout.jpg
  3. If you are not really using it anymore, and do not think you will regret parting with it- I say sell it and put the $$ towards another bag- especially if you have a potential buyer! Good luck with whatever you decide!
  4. That's the question...will I regret selling? I am not a big metallics person, but the metallic on this is subtle. It goes pretty well with everything. Then again, I have two others, and my distressed brown ALSO goes with everything and is slightly larger in size. Why do we get SO attached to these bags?:sad:
  5. I feel for you! I have some bags sitting in my closet that I don't use (or use much) and toy with the idea of selling. But some are bags that I would be unable to replace or have sentimental value. Don't feel like you "have" to sell this bag just because someone asked you to. On the other hand...if there is a bag you are yearning for and don't have the funds....since you do have other very similar bags...that might be an argument for selling.
    Boy...was I wishy-washy or what? :biggrin: It's a gorgeous bag, though!
  6. If your not madly in love with it I'd say sell. There are so many cute bag ideas that you might like better.
  7. Well...I would probably NOT be able to replace it, and I am quasi-madly in love with it, but I am madly in love with a BUNCH of bags! I have made a counter-offer and we will see how it goes. Until money changes hands I guess I could always back out. But cash on hand might be better than a bag that I may wear twice this fall. Even if I love it!
  8. I know exactly what you mean. I am so attached to my handbags and dread parting with any of them.. But for some reason I am more motivated to get rid of the ones collecting dust because there are SOOO many new bags i want, especially now that I am totally obsessed with b-bags! (Can't wait for the fall bags:love:). If you think you will still get some use out of it still then keep it, especially since it is a metallic and a rare find. But if you have not worn it in a while, then maybe its time to find her a new home. It will be hard at first, but will be worth it when you get a new b-bag;)
  9. I would sell it if you already have two others and invest in one of the others, a new one that you have in mind, that you love! Just my thoughts though :smile:
  10. Looks like you don't love it. You just want to keep it because it is no longer available in this color. If that's the case, then sell it! There are so many great bags out there that you'd love a LOT more! But if you feel that you just can't part with this bag, keep it!
  11. Jag, I know how you feel about waiting for the fall b-bags! I just read that there will be a petrolio/dark sea and a pearl bag...not sure, but that's the rumor. Dark sea sounds fantastic!

    Okay guys (girls!)...I sold the bag. So as long as my buyer's check arrives, my Hogan will be going to a new home. I do love this bag, it just doesn't get enough arm time. Although I did carry it all the time last fall. But there will be other bags.....right?
  12. Of Course There Will Be.....Buy Yourself Something Extra Special!!!