sell or keep?

  1. so it's been a constant debate...and i could use some opinions!

    should i sell my pink/pink cherry blossom papillon? :shrugs:

    i bought her on eBay the year after she was released, and was too paranoid to carry her. she's unfortunately made only a couple of appearances and i do love her...but think it's such a shame to keep her in her dustbag! does anyone else keep bags that are rarely used? should i keep her cuz she's a LE? i just can't decide!:s
  2. I rarely use my CB Brown/pink Pochette I think I've used her twice. Once I went shopping with my dad and he was carrying it while I was looking at stuff. Kinda funny and cute, since he's this big guy. And the other time I went out to a nice resturant with the bf. But there's no way I would sell it! I love it death even though it rarely see's the light of day.

    If you can live without it, I say sell it, but if not, keep it!
  3. If you're worried about getting her dirty, just spray the vachetta with a leather protector. There's no excuse for rarely using such a GORGEOUS bag!

    Try carrying her out a bit more and you'll fall in love with her again. If not, then I'd sell it. There's no good in having a bag sit inside the dustbag for years to come!
  4. Amen, John. Very well stated!
  5. ^^^ita. just remember, if you sell her, you may never get one again!
  6. USE it, don't sell it
  7. if you don't use it, sell it! I don't believe in keeping things that stay in the closet.
  8. If you dont use it...I say sell it and buy another bag you will use more.
  9. I'm a huge advocate of selling things you don't use, but I think that bag is so adorably cute, that you should USE her!!
  10. I totally agree with everyone else. USE IT!!!! if not sell it.
  11. Keep it! It's fabulous & rare.
  12. keep her and use her every now and then. It'll be so hard to get your hands on one later.
  13. I'm with the use it and enjoy it philosophy - or sell it for something you will.
  14. Keep it and try to use it more. I do not use my evening purses that often so a couple of them stay in their dust bags for weeks sometimes...

    If you sell you might regret it... Especially that you sound like you really love that bag...
  15. ~I love my LEs:nuts:I only would sell if there's something bigger and better~