Sell or keep??

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  1. Hello ladies! Long time no post.
    I'm still very much using my 5 MKs, my life style has changed in the last couple of years and am wondering if it's time to sell something? Or would I regret it?? Seems like my old favourite Selma is not so available anymore...
    I'm debating selling either my medium Selma satchel in Dark Dune or my Blush Selma messenger with gold studs. Is it worth it? How do people do selling MK on eBay these days?
    Out of my 5 remaining bags my Dark Dune Jet Set Crossbody gets the most love these days. Just come back from the Caribbean and Miami and that bag came everywhere with me. Not a mark on it! My black medium Selma with silver studs is still going strong and I rock this baby at formal occasions. My blush medium Selma is still in perfect condition, I literally can't part with it. Still my most beautiful bag! Opinions very welcome x
  2. I don’t know, I have mixed feelings when it comes to parting with bags especially if the colors they’re in are no longer available, but then I feel like if they aren’t being used and just sitting in a closet then selling to someone who will love and use it makes all the sense in the world. You just have to sit and think hard ab it, if you have any inkling at all that you’ll regret it, you probably shouldn’t. I personally am a crossbody girl and LOVE my jet set crossbody in luggage! Hope this helps and good luck deciding!
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  3. My rule of thumb is to only sell bags that I'm positive I will never wear again because they don't work for me for some reason. IMO too many people worry that a bag hasn't been carried in X number of time so I should sell it. Then they scramble to replace it later. A bag doesn't care if you only wear it once a year. The resale value of most bags now isn't worth it unless you are positive you are absolutely done with the bag.
  4. Sell
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  5. If your lifestyle has changed and you feel a different style / size, etc will work better then SELL! MK’s do well on eBay. Also consider Poshmark and Tradesy.
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  6. I don't think MKs sell well. You will only get a fraction of the cost. You have to decide if you would rather have the money or the bag.

    It sounds like you have some color duplicates.
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  7. MK doesn’t usually sell well or for very much. That being said, the models you mentioned do better than many other styles.
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  8. Thanks for the thoughts everyone! I'm going to wait until the weather improves and see if I carry either bag then before making a decision to sell. From what I've seen on eBay you don't make back what you originally pay for most MKs..@southernbelle82 I agree with you about the jet set cross body, it's such a great bag! Love being hands free with it. Been wearing my Dark Dune one loads recently. Congrats on your Luggage one!
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  9. When unsure don’t sell.
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  10. I usually sell on Offerup or local consignment store. I don’t get a lot of $ though. I agree if you still use the purses best to hold on to them. I wasn’t really using mine anymore and they were all showing wear. I figured it was best to off load them now while I can still get something for them. Also I was motivated to clear on space and purchase new purses that worked better for me (like my new Brooklyn love it!)
  11. I agree @couchette best to sell while bags are still in a saleable condition! My DD Selma has some wear on the feet but that's it. The blush Selma messenger has a tiny bit of wear on one stud at the back. I wish I had brought a blush cross body without the studs when it was available! I guess the thing is both blush and DD are discontinued colours so once I've sold them they're gone... also aren't MK replacing the old saffiano leather with crossgrain? I don't like that as much. Mine were from 2015, a vintage year for MK:tup:
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    • I wouldn't sell. I always say, a leather handbag will last forever. I found a well loved full grain leather satchel (not MK) that i purchased in the 90's in one of my closets. Cleaned it & used tarrago shoe cream in the matching color...looks like new!