Sell or keep? What do I do?

  1. I have a little dilemma! I used to have a big thing for Tiffany jewelry before DH came along. He was very sweet, and bought me a few (non-Tiffany) artistic pieces I wear every day. Lovely little things, not big or showy, but I love them all and can’t imagine wearing anything else. :heart:

    SO what do I do with all my Tiffany jewelry? :confused1: Do I keep it and give it to my kids (if I ever get around to having any!) or sell the pieces and fund something I would wear now? I bought some of the pieces and others were ((gasp! lol)) gifts from an ex. I am thinking maybe that might be why I don’t wear them anymore. Should I get rid of them or get over it and keep them?? It's not like big flashy diamonds or anything... mostly a lot of older Else Peretti's and such. Now I'm totally undecided!
  2. If you don't wear them anymore I would sell them. Especially if one of the reasons you don't wear them is because they are from an ex. I would let the past be the past and sell them, get something new that you adore and love to wear!
  3. Gotta admit I'm leaning that way, too! Just wanted to ask around and see if if I was being too oversentimental about them. I mean, is a bracelet just that, a bracelet, no matter who gave it to you?

    Or is that weird, to wear something your DH gave you on one wrist and a present from a long gone ex on the other... lol :rolleyes:
  4. I would sell them if I dont wear it anymore. There is no point of having it when you can get something you like with the money you make.
  5. I would sell it and get something else. I would only keep it if it was a rare tiffany piece and you love it, so might wear it in the future!
    I have a discounted H link ring and bracelet from Tiffany, I love it and you cannot get it anymore. I have a few generic tiffany pieces, that when I get the chance, I will be selling!x
  6. A couple of my pieces are like that... I just sent a few in to be cleaned/polished and the guy who took the order oooohed and ahhhhhed over my limited edition Eternity Circle pendant from '97, said he'd only seen a few in his lifetime!

    Still... I think you girls are right. Time to unload! LoL :nuts:
  7. I would keep the nice pieces (nice designs, like the ones you still like after many years or the gold ones). Personally I'm done with silver. The silver oxidates and needs much care (polishing etc) and are often very common. You can sell them and use the money for something else or save it to buy a very nice Tiffany piece for your future children when they turn 21;)
  8. I would keep a few pieces that you would still wear in the future, or could pass down to your future children, or could just keep if they had sentimental value.

    Then, you can sell the rest and use the money towards something else you new jewelry or purses! :graucho:
  9. Thanks all for your comments. It makes me feel better... I think I will unload all but a couple, dear pieces. I simply do not wear them and your avatar MMix of Chanel reminds me how much I'd like a long Chanel wallet :graucho:
  10. If you have grown out of Tiffany, then I'd say u should sell them...and use the money to fund something else that u like and would get much use of...

    whatever u buy can then be passed on to your kids...they don't have to be designer items but i think the kids will appreciate the fact that they are their mom's fav pieces that she actually wore, not something she keeps in the closet :smile:
  11. I would only keep pieces that your ex didn't give you. And only if you love the pieces. Do you have any nieces or cousins that would enjoy them? I find that my nieces are more than willing to take jewelry off my hands!
  12. Hmmm. Yep. I do. And thats a really sweet idea! :heart:

    After thinking about it though not sure I wanna see present from long forgotten (tg) boyfriend on cousin's neck, wrist, etc.

    Time to sell, I think! Might help me feel better if I choose something I will put it towards, that way I don't second guess everything as it starts heading towards the door LoL
  13. I am all for selling...out with the old, in with the new!