Sell or keep Cornflower?

  1. ok... drop the tomatoes!!!!! :p i know cornflowers a beautiful colour, highly sought after etc etc... which is exactly my problem!!!

    i've just recently bought a beautiful Violet First and i think i've become SPOILT by how scrumptious the leather is!!! so i've just taken out my Cornflower Twiggy, which was once my holy grail, to use today, and i noticed how THIN the leather is! :sad:

    Now, my dilemma... i know the cornflower is more of a summer/spring colour, i'd definitely get to use it more in warmer weather, BUT, a balenciaga's a mighty expensive bag to just 'make do with', KWIM...? :sweatdrop: especially since i'm only a student...

    So i was thinking.. since it's in fairly good condition, should i just sell it and get something like a violet city, instead? or maybe the 2008 leather would be just as nice as the 2007? or...? :shrugs:


    p.s the bbag market seems pretty bad right now for selling... :push:
  2. If you don't LOVE it, I say sell it. But you're right, I might wait until the market picks back up before you list it if you can afford to wait.

    Bals ARE super expensive and if you aren't really excited about it, then it's probably best if you let it go to someone else and replace it with something you can really love - great colour AND great leather.

    The 2008 leather is kind of hit and miss - my Bubblegum First is outstanding but some of the other bags I've seen are quite dry and on the thin side, similar to what you're describing with Cornflower...
  3. I agree with Cheshire..too expensive to keep around when you don't absolutely love her..maybe put Cornflower up with a Reserve that is right for you or with a BIN /Best Offer..
  4. If you don't LOVE the CF, sell and get something you adore. Way too much money to not be thrilled, although, I LOVE the CF with winter black, gray, tan, etc...
  5. I would only sell once you've identified something you've decided you must have. At least that's what I do. And in the meantime hang out with the idea to see if it really is something you want to do.

    The Twiggy sounds really nice and I think having some variation in leathers and colors adds to the allure of Bal bags.
  6. If you have to question whether or not you should keep a bag that means that you should sell it. That is my number 1 rule: If the question even pops up in my head and I am serious enough to consider it to create a discussion on it then it's time to let it go.

    A reminder to those viewing this thread: Please remember that buying/selling outside of the MP on tFP is a bannable offense.
  7. some days i miss my cornflower twiggy - i know its floating out there somewhere with a better Mum! hehehe! I didn't even get to use it for that long so the leather never became mushy etc... :o( sorta makes me sad but then again HANDS DOWN if it doubt CHOP it out!

    Good luck on what you decide to do.
  8. you yourself say that the color is more a spring summer bag. wait until then. if you don't see yourself using it at that time, then sell it then. i would wait.
  9. Balenciaga has sssoooo many blues, that if you let Cornflower go, you would be able to replace it with something else in the future. If you can hold off though and wait for the market to pick up, that would benefit you greatly!

    Cornflower was my first Balenciaga and I still go "whoosh" when I pull her out and use her. Ocean is a similar colour, just a little deeper and not so much towards the lavender.

    I wish you well,

  10. ^so true altho i really wish i'd have the chance to own at least one of the 07 blues i'd missed due to other priorities back then. i read a few comments that 08 sky blue is quite close fo CF.

    f/w07 has turned out to be a relatively much better season/year. since you already have a fall colour, why not keep CF as your spring bag? if you like the City style so much, you could also wait for f/w08. i personally just won't get yet another same shade albiet in another style.
  11. If you are unsure, you probably would not miss it much if it's not around. If you can put the money to another bag you will :heart:, I say do it!
  12. i think you should sell it if you dont like/love/use/need/want :sweatdrop: it anymore. i personally dont like the CF, considered so much when it came out, finally passed it.
    if you are not in hurry, just keep it and wait till it is great time to sell it.
    there are TONS of new colors just came out and will come out soon (hint: Turquoise):tup:
  13. Is there anything else wrong with the bag apart from the leather being thin? I am not sure that I prefer thicker leather. If the thin leather has great character and colour, I might well prefer it. It sounds as if you used to love the blue bag. Are you sure that you won't do so again. I never wear anything blue in autumn winter but in the summer I get a craving for it. I might try to keep the Cornflower Twiggy.
  14. If you don't love it and use it I vote sell, but I agree you should wait a bit until the market gets better.
  15. orinoco, I'm in the exact same boat with my indigo. But I'm going to wait until spring and see if I LOVE it and find it to be the perfect bag at that time. Also, I dunno if I want to deal with the hassle of eBay. And plus, the color isn't my fave, but I looove the leather.