Sell on Ebay or tPF?

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  1. I'm not allowed to sell on tPF (<500 posts), but why do people still sell on eBay when they can sell on tPF? I want to sell one of my bags, but I've never used eBay.
  2. For me, it's wherever the bag sells first! I don't discriminate ... ;)
  3. I would say eBay gets more traffic then tpf when selling a purse. Also I think 500 posts on here to be able to sell or trade is a bit high. I'm also an active member of flyertalk and you can trade airlines miles etc once you reach 90 posts and have been a member for 90 days.

    Best bet on ebay is to do a BIN with best offer price and hope you get an offer in the range you want. Ebay is actually great assuming you get a paying bidder and you state your terms clearly.
  4. Many (and I mean many!) of us are on a waiting list to be accepted to tPF market place. In the meantime, I need to offset my impulse buying with whatever means are available to me. That's why I, personally, use Ebay. :push:
  5. MUCH MORE traffic on Ebay ! A lot of professionals do not have the time to do 500 posts here
  6. ITA :yes: Ebay do have more traffic, also allows auction where as MP is listing style.
  7. I kind of also think that on the MP people aren't really selling bags for huge profits .. it's more of selling bags to fellow purse lovers at a fair price. With ebay, anything goes!
  8. Just a heads up dudes....Discussing the MP outside of the MP IS NOT ALLOWED.It is a BANNABLE offense to some......u can lose your MP privies .......
  9. :confused1:Interesting to know. I didn't realise the wait was so long.
  10. same here :crybaby:
  11. Regarding the application to sell on MP - did you guys get a confirmation email stating that you were on a wait list? If so my app seems to have gone ignored...:wondering
  12. ^ Was there something not clear on Jill's post about the MP? :shrugs:
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