Sell Oak Alexa for Oak Bella Messenger?


Jul 19, 2010
I saw the Oak Bella Messenger last weekend and it was instant love! The leather is thick like the old Roxanne bags and it's just a classic Mulberry slouchy bag with a really functional strap - can be adjusted to be worn on the shoulder or cross-body and as well as the classic Mulberry plaque, it also has a postman's lock too! It's just absolutely perfect and is also a bit larger than my regular Alexa.

Now, I do love my Alexa but it's love-hate! I love the look of her but I find her a little small, have always been a little disappointed in the quality for the money and find her very fiddly to use. I do use her quite a lot but the love I have for her is purely because she's a classic Mulberry icon and she looks good. I always find myself wishing she was easier to use.

I really can't decide right now whether to sell my Alexa for the Bella. I know I will find the Bella more useful and I absolutely love the way she looks as well, plus the tougher leather will definitely mean she requires less care than Alexa. Keeping Alexa and buying Bella isn't really an option due to finances and also because I really don't want two Oak Mulberry bags! The Oak is the only colour I like from the Bella range.

Advice needed please!

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Jan 14, 2012
It sounds like you know what you want to do, xbabe :smile: Go for what you have fallen in love with! If Alexa isn't what you'd hoped for, it never would be so I agree with sweetymooth, you should go for beautiful Bella :biggrin:

As the Alexa isn't a seasonal colour, you should get a good price for her too!