Sell my Lg. Carly for Med? Opinions...

  1. Ok so I bought a large khaki/saddle carly off eBay for around $360 a couple months ago.

    I love big bags and everything but the thing is, I hardly use it anymore as I don't have much to put in it...

    I saw a co-worker with the medium carly in khaki/black. And it just looked better. IMO.

    So I think I'm going to sell mine and see what I get for it... then use that money to get a deal either on eBay or with the PCE I hopefully get for December...

    What color should I get?





    Thanks for your help! I'm listing it now!!!! Woot!

    Then hopefully I'll have some extra money left over to put in my savings for the next LV!
  2. oohhh I am absolutely no help.. I love them both, but I have to say I prefer the beet... it just adds a pop of color and I think it looks great against the khaki... looks great with all clothes too!!! :yes: Let us know what you get!! :tup:
  3. I love the Khaki/Black, that bag pops with ANY outfit.
  4. Wow!!!! I had this exact problem!!!! I went with the khaki/black, because I felt it just went with everything. Plus I was afraid that the khaki/beet would look too "christmas-y" if that makes any sense? lol....I dunno, honestly, I don't think you can go wrong w/ either, they are both gorgeous! But I guess I'm biased, so I vote for the khaki/black!
  5. Phew! Thats a tough one. I have them in both sizes and just change back and forth depending on the day.
    As for colors I love them both but think I like the Khaki/beet best:drool:
  6. Khaki/Beet!! It is gorgeous!
  7. I saw the khaki/beet and decided that I wanted that in the medium. But I understand what others say about the khaki/black, it goes with any and everything. But that's why I wouldn't get it, everyone would get it, IMO. I was the only one there eyeing the khaki/beet, its fun and noticable. I say go for the khaki/beet one!!!
  8. i'm not going to be very helpful but...the black would go with anything, but the beet is a lot prettier, in my opinion. i guess it just depends on what kind of bag you want/need. and it's not like the beet is THAT hard to match with. just don't wear red on the same day, etc.
  9. I was torn between those two colors also and after trying them on countless times, I finally decided that the Khaki/Beet is the color for me. I'll be getting mine this weekend!!
  10. Khaki/beet. I think it's a great bag for fall/winter and even a bit of spring with the fresh flowers in bloom.

    I don't care what anyone says (and I HATE that Coach makes bags in this scheme), but black and brown together is a no-no. Whether it be on a bag, on shoes, or black pants with a brown shirt. Just... No.

    I actually tried on the khaki/beet Carly today but decided on the chocolate. It was a TOUGH choice, though, as I think the khaki/beet adds just a splash of color with every outfit. :smile:
  11. I would go with the khaki and black...the khaki and beet looks too much like Christmas. Unless you want it for the holiday. If so go with the bbet. ;)
  12. I'm a fan of the khaki/beet color combo. G'luck with your choice :smile:
  13. I love the look of the khaki/black more. :yes:

  14. Black and brown are a no no, yes, but khaki sig and black is not a no no...khaki and black together are always okay! :smile: Just an opinion. But I don't like dark brown and black together...yucky :-/ That's how I end up in most of my dilemmas and why I have to buy black and brown handbags to wear with my different clothes. That is how they get us! hahaha

    :idea: Khaki sig does look divine against any color palette, though.

    And I adore the beet colored leather! don't like eating beets, but that is another story entirely :graucho:
  15. I like khaki/beet way better- the beet color kinda blends in with the brown fabric- the black trim pops out and is pretty IRL too - but I'd go for the khaki/beet- or even khaki/angora b/c even the angora is a very very VERY lovely white with some seriously beautiful grey undertones.