Sell my Lanvin Kansas to buy a Bbag???

  1. Ok girls I have this Lanvin and it's hard to come by. In order to get ALL the bags I currently want (which is many lol) this Lanvin would have to go. I tend to not like bags in the same color family - and since I have a Chloe Silverado, I really don't need two brown bags.


    This Lanvin is really the only classically styled bag I have...everything else is Chloe, Balenciaga and YSL, more trendyish thought that doesn't bother me as I'll carry them for the long haul regardless. ;)

    I *may* get my sister's Chanel Pink Cambon and am not sure if it's me, so I *could* get rid of that one instead of the confusing!

    Would you sell this Lanvin in order to get a rare Bbag city? Thoughts would be great, thank you. I can never make up my mind on my own so I need you guys!
  2. Go with your gut, if it's saying Bbag, get it. Otherwise, you'll always hear that little voice saying, "You should have got the Bbag"...meanwhile, the Lanvin's sitting in your closet.

    Pretty Lanvin, though.:cool:
  3. I would keep the Lanvin--it's so rare and gorgeous. I am seriously fighting the urge to buy a B-bag in every color, so I can relate to your desire for Balenciaga, but you are already the owner of an incredible, highly coveted bag.

    I guess you will ultimately have to go with your gut. The good news is the Lanvin Kansas is a quick seller on eBay and will likely go for retail or above if you decide to part with it. You should be able to make enough to fund the B-bag of choice...
  4. I sold my Lanvin Kansas a while is a gorgeous bag, but I found my b-bags to be more practical/useable. The b-bag is actually more "secure" and I think, more fun...
  5. Hmmmm. I'd keep the Lanvin but probably because I rarely see Lanvin handbags in my neck of the woods. I think if I ever do, I'd snap one up in a hot minute!
  6. The Lanvin is gorgeous and rare. because one doesn't see it everywhere, it can be carried for a long time without looking outdated, i think. i'd keep the kansas :smile:
  8. word...class.
  9. The Lanvin is gorgeous
  10. I'll buy your Lanvin if you're selling!
  11. For me it is the green eyed love of your Lanvin that wins every time, but then a bag is only classic, enduring, timelessly beautiful etc if you think it is . . .and if your heart is in a sassy, eye-catching Bbag, that's where you should head and what you should choose . . .
  12. I really do not like that Lanvin bag - its a bit oldladyish and I :heart: bbags so I say get the bbag!
  13. I think you should keep the Lanvin. Like you said all your other bags are more trendy and I think that you should have at least one classic bag. :yes:
  14. I say buy the b-bag. i'm like you, i don't feel i need more than one bag in the same color family. if you have the chloe in brown, sell the lavin and get the b-bag you want so badly.
  15. i think the lanvin is so gorgeous!