Sell my DUOMO?? HELP?

  1. Hi guys.
    I need your opinion.
    I purchased a Damier Duomo at the LV boutique in Jan. I have used the bag 2x. I love it. Its beautiful...but I never use it! Do you think I should sell it? Or do you think its more of a winter bag and that is why I am not using it. I just cannot get into the handbags...I really prefer the shoulder bags.
    I would hate to see it go but its also stupid for me to have a $1200 bag in my closet that i never use. Also if I sold it I would only sell it on the PF and not ebay. I know its been sold out from eluxury for a while.

    LMK what you guys think!
  2. eluxury currently has it back in stock but i'd say keep it if you love's a gorgeous classic bag that you can use for years and years.....actually i'm kinda conflicted because if you did sell it maybe the money could be better spent buying a bag you'd use more often?.....i never use most of my bags so i guess i'm the wrong person to be giving advice on this tho :shame:
  3. I believe in selling something you will not use. 1200 in the closet is a waste of money. Sell and get what you love!
  4. I love the Duomo! I think you should wait a while and make sure you are 100% sure that you want to sell it. You don't want to do anything you will regret later on! LV never loses it's value, so I think you can hang on to it for a little while and see.
  5. Maybe try taking it out again tomorrow and have people praise on it (again). I was getting bored of my B-bag until I took it out last night and my friends were ooohhh and ahhhhhh over it. Then I feel in love with my baby all over again. :lol:
  6. I agree. I'd rather have the money to put toward something else that I know I'll love and use. You could always try to carry it and see how you like it - but if you're still on the fence after that, I say sell it.
  7. Take her for a spin--see how you like her. If you're on the fence after that and she's still sitting in your closet after 2 weeks. That might be a sign that you should let her go. One thing to keep in mind is that you might be on the fence since it's spring and the damier looks a little more wintery...
  8. I think you should take her out for a walk and see how that goes...if you still think you should sell it then you should.
  9. Well, if you're not in love, you should sell. Plus this bag isn't limited, so if you really did want her again, it's possible. Is there another bag you're eyeing?
  10. Are u absolutely sure you dont want it? Perhaps somewhere along the way later on you would want it again. This has happens to me a few times. I dunno the resell market for duomos, maybe it's a good idea u do a lil research on eBay first to get an idea how these bags are selling.

    HTH :idea:
  11. Thanks guys....I think I am just not using it because the weather is warm. I will keep.....and she will have to sit patiently in my closet until cooler weather! :smile:
  12. Why not keep it until the winter and see if you start using it. If not you can always sell it then.
  13. I didnt realize that the daimer style was more wintery! I know people who use it year-round. BTW which purses apart from the limited edition ones ie MC and cerises brands would be considered spring/summer?
  14. I dont think its the Damier that is wintery but rather this particular bag is more formal and that in my opinion makes it wintery.

  15. But it's a great bag to take to work! :P